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  1. Can I get a trial please? - Btw for the Farm runs does the script use runes or tabs for teleporting (or can it do both)?
  2. Been my favourite script for a long while, As long as you use an aged account while maintaining breaks it will take you far. http://ramyun.co.uk/sandcrab/boy-king.png
  3. The same thing happened with me but in injection mode.
  4. 130m Max imo, Get barrow gloves to improve the potential value
  5. Current Account: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/291833-noobs22/ Banned Account: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/193414-turkishking234/ Ban Reasoning: Connection: Skype Match Skype: samu.om Current Account Evidence: Banned Account Evidence: MK.
  6. Pm https://osbot.org/forum/profile/288151-garincha/, he does rogue outfits fast and cheap
  7. Boy King


    Using coub smh, you went full weeb
  8. Looking to Buy full rogue outfit. Account has 61 Agility & 60 Thieving Pm me Price or comment belowCan pay in either osrs gp or Paypal There will be t&c depending on your rep.
  9. May i have a trial please, I wanna compare the air orber scripts
  10. Damn, I envy you. Can I ask the stats/bank of the account to see how much value you just got back?
  11. Why were you logging in a perm banned account to begin with?
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