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  1. Ty, Will do boss Cheers
  2. Can I get a trial please? - Btw for the Farm runs does the script use runes or tabs for teleporting (or can it do both)?
  3. Been my favourite script for a long while, As long as you use an aged account while maintaining breaks it will take you far. http://ramyun.co.uk/sandcrab/boy-king.png
  4. Boy King


    The same thing happened with me but in injection mode.
  5. 130m Max imo, Get barrow gloves to improve the potential value
  6. Boy King


    Current Account: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/291833-noobs22/ Banned Account: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/193414-turkishking234/ Ban Reasoning: Connection: Skype Match Skype: samu.om Current Account Evidence: Banned Account Evidence: MK.
  7. Pm https://osbot.org/forum/profile/288151-garincha/, he does rogue outfits fast and cheap
  8. Boy King


    Using coub smh, you went full weeb
  9. Looking to Buy full rogue outfit. Account has 61 Agility & 60 Thieving Pm me Price or comment belowCan pay in either osrs gp or Paypal There will be t&c depending on your rep.
  10. Boy King

    Molly's Orber

    May i have a trial please, I wanna compare the air orber scripts
  11. Damn, I envy you. Can I ask the stats/bank of the account to see how much value you just got back?
  12. Why were you logging in a perm banned account to begin with?
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