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  1. bought a script, haven't used it yet but looks like its everything i asked for and he finished it quickly.
  2. Because I'm hoping that someone on here / a gold farmer knows of a method/bot that would get banned very quickly. Do you chin 1 prayer in mm1 caves ?
  3. What is there to understand ? I have an account that I want permanently banned and im offering to pay for someone else to do it ? What else is there to 'understand' ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. i am botting myself rn but im hoping a gold farmer or someone has a fast method or knows what bots are getting targeted right now etc
  5. Im wanting an account perm banned as soon as possible. I assume botting the mos obvious method would be the way to do this. If you think this could be for you pm me please this account was banned 20 days ago for botting too but just moderate
  6. anyway you could toss me a trial? quite interested in this script but i'd like to do a test run first.
  7. can i get a trial? cheers. edit: wait somehow i own it? lmfao. nvm.
  8. Can i please have a chest thieve trial thanks
  9. Can I please buy this script with BTC or 07 RSGP ? Please pm me a btc address if possible
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