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  1. Hey, could i please get a free trial?
  2. Mine is doing the same, how did you make a new save file?
  3. Can the script do tele-alching?
  4. shaddez

    Stealth Quester

    Nope, not using mirror mode. Another friend of mine had the same issue also.
  5. shaddez

    Stealth Quester

    I think the script may be broke atm. It is just standing at GE not interacting with anything. I tried to use different quests, restarted client, restart pc and it still didn't run.
  6. Either the bot is being updated which is likely because it is Thursday (from what i know, that is routine) or the bot is broken cus of a very recent game update. Give it time and it will work again
  7. The best script so far, I got cocky after 2k chests and started running the bot excessively, 8-12hrs and eventually got it banned. Don't be me.
  8. When selecting "Attack portals" the bot just idles inside the boat and does nothing. When "Defending the knight" the bot will sometimes not even attack the shifters or it followers the shifter when it has teleported and gets stuck and not return to the centre. So far I haven't had it run flawlessly for at least an hour, not sure if script issue or I am setting the bot up incorrectly.
  9. shaddez


    Considering purchasing the script but what's the ban rate at the moment? few of the previous comments have kind of put me off.
  10. - Did you add me on Skype or send me a PM? PM sent. - What is the requested service? Agility power level, 48-70. - Do you agree to the TOS? Yes.
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