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  1. IT DOESNT EQUIP AMULET OF CHEMISTRY! Could you fix it please. :o?
  2. Is it possible to set it up to use different attack styles on different task's? ;o Like if i want to use range on aberrant spectres. and melee or all other task's? does it have prayer support? like using overheads and drinking prayer potions?
  3. Could i have an trial ? btw just bough your herblore script! its awesome! Keep doing the good work!
  4. Some reason when ill try to start script with cannon it just stops and logs out.
  5. when amulet of chemistry runs out.. It doesnt take an new 1 from the bank.
  6. it just stopped doing anything on the first floor. Also the Shayzien soldier healing is broken. it stops healing the soldiers for an while..so needs to baby sit it. It happens every 15 minutes. :o does this support mirror mode? :o might it be the cause?
  7. Its worth it to buy it. I have bough my self many scripts from Czar. and never dissapointed. Also i quess you will be granted trial if you aint abusing trials. They can check it i quess. also Welcome. Remember also buy VIP and support that way osbot. They will give you Access to mirror client. ;o and VIP Scripts too.
  8. Im getting error log : INFO][Bot #1][10/15 03:29:34 ip.]: Interacting with stamina potion... [INFO][Bot #1][10/15 03:29:38 ip.]: Interacting with stamina potion... [INFO][Bot #1][10/15 03:29:44 ip.]: WebWalkingEvent; Terminated because of break condition! [INFO][Bot #1][10/15 03:31:28 ip.]: WebWalkingEvent; No route found! Destinations = [[x=1627, y=3812, z=0]]; [INFO][Bot #1][10/15 03:31:29 ip.]: Found widget is present... [INFO][Bot #1][10/15 03:31:29 ip.]: Book found! Storing data [13526] now... [INFO][Bot #1][10/15 03:31:29 ip.]: The book title is Eathram & rada extract [
  9. Im not sure if the trial will be granted.. The script Works really good as always. you have joined like 22 hours ago.. i think some ppl are exploiting free trials without paying a dime. Lets see what Czar says. The script Works like an dreams so just buy it.. or use free scripts.
  10. Would be great if you could make 1. i could provide an account if you need 1.
  11. ammanizzo

    Perfect Agility

    is it possible add an support for Brimhaven Agility Arena? or can you make an script for it?
  12. Hey Khal. I was wondering is it possible you to add Brimhaven agility arena to the script. :o or make 1 for it?
  13. Script Works really good. :o beter than others out there. tho they are vip or free scripts. :o im really surpriced how fawless this script is! gonna buy it soon as possible! good job! Will post an Small proggy later
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