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  1. does it support giant seaweed too? ^ ^
  2. does it support cooking seaweed in to soda ash? if not could you make so it does. Also giant seaweed support would be nice
  3. Could you add an support to wilderness if bot detects an player near by it would teleport instantly? Even when not attacked.
  4. Could i have an trial please.
  5. When im trying to use telegrab on the script. while safespotting it just uses the telegrab spell and hovers it over an npc im trying to fight with. No loot was on ground at the time.
  6. What does the bot use for tick manipulation?
  7. mmmh nvm then gonna buy the vip later also the script. Witch mouse do you recommend for using the script? hardware?
  8. Could i get an trial please?
  9. does the script support herbiboars? if not could you add support for it with herb sack?
  10. Where does the bot collect electric imps ? hunts it self? puropuro?
  11. Can you add world hopping support for this script? so it would be easier to loot some chest's that have long respawn time?
  12. IT DOESNT EQUIP AMULET OF CHEMISTRY! Could you fix it please. :o?
  13. Is it possible to set it up to use different attack styles on different task's? ;o Like if i want to use range on aberrant spectres. and melee or all other task's? does it have prayer support? like using overheads and drinking prayer potions?
  14. Could i have an trial ? btw just bough your herblore script! its awesome! Keep doing the good work!
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