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  1. Alvin

    60-75 Thieving

    Don't care how it's done, but blackjacking is available if needed. Quote pls
  2. Alvin


    I'm interested in buying 80-100m
  3. Sorry, a bit late my good sir
  4. Just say your price, I'll go first if you have rep and/or experience
  5. You can't legally box without headgear in the United States.
  6. It's been a few days and I haven't been banned so that's good. I bought this script because I had some spare change and a clean bank is always a treat to look at, this script was just amazing. I loved watching it do its work and it's easily customizable. It actually took around 20-25 minutes for me because my bank was incredibly big and messy. Of course, there were some stray items that weren't organized, but it only took a few minutes for me to put them where I wanted. Overall, solid script and I'll definitely use again.
  7. This ^ People aren't going to spend that much money if it's high risk. If you were more trusted I'd say more around 800m.
  8. Alvin

    Easy firecape

    The first comment literally says "get 1 more range level and ezpz" because it was 74 range. There's something wrong with your side, not mine. Try turning off your adblock before you start flaming again. It's a common problem on this site. https://imgur.com/a/YfJLPXn
  9. Alvin

    Easy firecape

    The stats are literally in the 2nd picture. The service is already completed too. You really are a special one huh. Don't let the stick go up your ass too far or else you'll get permanent brain damage.
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