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  1. no, I dont agree with that because wealth on the account can be easely faked , so it imposible to know how much wealth was on the acc when it was recovered, the practises and vorious TOS on others sites dont include wealth losts on the refund amount of the accounts cuz its not realiable the photos can be easely faked , names of the accounts replaced by anothers and etc , and ye I am not the oo of the account again, so if the ayron is accept my refund of 260usd , then I can return it.
  2. it seems the oo of the account dont respond to my messages, so I am willing to return the amount of 260usd which u payed for the acc but not more sorry for your lost buddy , just waiting for your pp email cuz our time zone appears to different very.
  3. I didnt recovered the account, it was the oo of the account who recovered , i am just reselled it , now i am trying my best to contact the oo and find out what happened.
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