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  1. Disputed member: @OSRS Butlers Thread Link: N/A Explanation: See below Evidence: See below Let me preface by saying, I know this is not going to stick, the feedback will be removed and nothing will be done, but what I am going to show you is facts, whether you take that to heart or not. To start: I've had butler do some services for me before, he was good at them, hence the positive feedback I had always posted. The services mainly consisted of what I call, "Revenant accounts". These being the setups I find optimal for Revenants (75 range, 30 defence, 44 prayer with Salve (ei)). One thing that seemed odd was the fact he posted the accounts exact stats on his public forum page without my consent.. Fast forward a few accounts (which all had their passwords changed straight away), I ordered 2 more accounts with both being the exact same builds. I was told he was going to be the work (Which was later denied but then assured of?) These accounts were done fine, but the passwords were not changed straight away. This is where the "Facts" and "Take it to heart" bit come in. I take the blame for not changing the passwords, which I accept is my fault. However, I needed to contact jagex due to the registered emails bugging out. This was resolved and passwords were changed (After the incident occurred). These accounts were left Idle until I started using them to bot. The passwords were still the same, with no other services done on them via external service workers (No proof because it would literally be impossible to prove). Once I started botting on them, I set them up with the default Revenant package which consists of a blowpipe, some ranging gear with Ava's with darts / scales. The initial plan was to outfit them with BIS, being Craws. This was made clear to butler through my previous services with him talking about my plans. Fast forward a week into botting, I was awoken to both accounts at lumbridge, script being stopped due to insufficient supplies. The blowpipes / scales / darts were missing, nothing else. This "would" be a case of a misclick and skulling, however no deaths were logged and as far as Im aware, its essentially impossible for said client to misclick. (Client isn't named here, but can be named if asked). What made this even more confusing was the fact that the accounts were supposedly dead at lumbridge with reduced prayer / health. I think we can all agree on how death mechanics work, being restored stats and no items if skulled (Except +1). This was obviously the intended setup, but missed out on some details. As I said, messages and pictures will be made clear, but I know for a fact, as the owner of the accounts that only 2 people knew the password before it was changed, one being Butler (and his worker?) and I. Images stating he was working on the accounts with a worker: https://gyazo.com/422ee176f90691cdddfa01b30535d807 Images then stating it was only him working on the accounts: https://gyazo.com/95ce1f9fe9cd3e4b8656a2629b479f2a https://gyazo.com/a8d2e3c333ba82311e31218929f32a2f That alone is a bit odd. Him then telling me to feedback his worker who did the the one account or both?: https://gyazo.com/8ed562f6262a1923abc55f3c286306e4 https://gyazo.com/b894e9157150e7097bdc52e42e907a3f This alone should be grounds for TWC as he has changed his story at least 5 different times. Him stating he has multiple workers while only listing one on his profile: https://gyazo.com/0162d7384d4ef0ca0ef904d993db21a9 The obligatory "You got hacked" https://gyazo.com/894bcada7ddc4fdb3debcb0c6e153495 Latest attempt at resolving, he states he 100% did both accounts while also prior stating multiple times he didn't and to feedback the worker/s who did the accounts? https://gyazo.com/7c71dfafea9ef5c6716ebe0e0ef00c86 "Professionalism" after trying to resolve: https://gyazo.com/fc743482b5e3eb94524494cf8add9479 Ill keep digging through the conversation for more pictures. Edit: I tried talking to him via discord. Apparently I blocked him multiple times when I'm trying to get this resolved? He ended up blocking me and started accusing me of faking it all. Conversation ended up being very abusive for a "Professional" service supplier. Other edit: If this gets looked into, I won't be able to reply straight away. Its midnight as of this edit, I'm working from 6am till 2pm, then going to my fathers for a christmas evening / lunch. There will be a reply, but it wont be immediate.
  2. Looking for someone to do plague, biohazard and dwarf cannon asap. Somewhat repped only please
  3. Had tony do some quests for me. Quests were done really fast and remained in contact all the way. Recommend!
  4. Need tourist trap + family crest + 30-40 smithing for one of the quests need it done asap
  5. BestCaper's service is great! Always keeps you updated on whats happening, how long things are going to take and if there are any issues during the order.  Always completes during the specified time frame without fail. Would recommend!

    1. OSRS Butlers

      OSRS Butlers

      Much Love brother <3

  6. Been doing a fair amount of business with this guy, has never let me down. Does it exactly as specified and very efficiently too, would recommend
  7. Bump - 70m per account (Need 2)
  9. Sorted for now, will update if falls through
  10. Just hit you up, much appreciated!
  11. Hey, I have no idea where to begin, but I'm looking for someone who is familiar with HTML, PHP, SQL and java to develop a leaderboard for my website. I've got all the data required (Name, profit, runtime, deaths) etc, but have no experience with anything else apart from java. I'd love to learn, but I've got my hands full at the moment. Not sure how much this would cost, but let me know of quotes if you're interested. Thanks, Blogan
  12. Looking to get 3 accounts of the same stats made. They must include the following: 75+ range 30 defence 44 prayer Avas accumulator Salve amulet (ei) How these stats are leveled, I don't care, as long as they're not botted and other combat stats are kept to a minimal (no att, str, def, mage levels for no reason) Nmz quests are up to you Accounts will be supplied with a fresh bond used on each account, along with ~20m for supplies. The accounts are expected to be done within ~7 days. Anything over and you'll be required to reimburse me for a bond. Looking to spend ~55-60m per account. //THIS WAS UPDATED NOVEMBER 8TH TO KEEP ONE POST
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