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  1. OS ACCOUNTS SHOP TUTORIAL ACCOUNTS $0.09 - $0.13 per account based on order volume You can choose account country: US, UK, or CA You can choose account location: Lumbridge or Grand Exchange TRADE READY ACCOUNTS $0.975 - $1.50 based on order volume 100 total levels 10 quest points 20 hours of game time Trade ready / trade unlocked 30 ATK / 30 STR / 30 DEF $0.80 - $1.00 per account based on order volume 40 ATK / 40 STR / 40 DEF $0.90 - $1.20 per account based on order volume 50 ATK / 50 STR / 50 DEF $1.60 - $2.00 per account based on order volume 60 ATK / 60 STR / 60 DEF $2.80 - $3.50 per account based on order volume ALL ACCOUNTS HAVE: Unregistered emails Names are picked to appear as human as possible Randomized appearance Rested for at least 7-14 days then go through vigorous checks for locks/bans Instant delivery upon successful payment TO ORDER PLEASE VISIT OUR STORE https://osaccounts.sellix.io/ Discord: https://discord.gg/HT56p5djaG ACCEPTED PAYMENT PP, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH
  2. Discord server - Click here! Website - Click Here! Or Add us manually [Always check discord UID before texting me] Discord➜ RSGOLDBAR#9300 DISCORD UID➜ 652287283138920469
  3. Selling OSRS Gold! Always for the best price! Live Support 24/7 at: www.EZRSGold.com Discord: EZRS#5916 Discord Unique ID: 493008701628612619 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VARIOUS PAYMENT METHODS WHEN BUYING - No ID needed. Purchase Here: www.EZRSGold.com Get 10% more gold - buy with BTC! (Can also be used on top of bonus code) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonus Gold Code: OSBOT
  4. Welcome to EZRSGold Account shop! 30% flash sale! Welcome to our OSRS account shop - a place where you can find over 40 different account builds! Our team of 14 people will do our best to provide you with the best account builds. We have over 4 years of experience in selling Runescape related products and services, however we are new to Selling accounts, for that reason we are currently offering discounted prices until we build our reputation. FAQ: What are the risks associated to buying an account? A lot of accounts that are being sold by other sellers may have had several owners. This leaves you with the risk of losing your account if one of the owners decides to recover it. Furthermore, the previous owner could have used 3rd party software while training the account, leaving you with the risk of getting banned. Buying from us eliminates these risks. What makes you different? Our accounts are made to be sold. All of the accounts are hand-trained and have no email address registered. This makes it the safest way to buy an account, because You will be the first owner of the account, you will know the first(and only) password that was used on the account and the email you set will be the first registered email on the account - you will know all of the necessary information needed to recover the account. How can you offer so many different accounts? We have a team of people dedicated to training OSRS accounts. Each account trainer trains multiple accounts at once to reduce the cost of the accounts we offer. The accounts are trained via remote connection and all of the accounts are trained on European/American IPs. Most of our staff members live in developing countries, so we are able to provide them with generous salaries while keeping the cost down. Can you build me a custom account? Sure, just send us a message and we will discuss the details. What other accounts do you offer? Be sure to check out our listings! We offer an array of accounts such as obby maulers, baby pures, staff of the dead pures, ranged pures, gmaulers, PK ready accounts with desert treasure and mithril gloves, MAXED accounts (99str,att,def,hp), maxed mains with ranged/magic, barrow glove starter accounts, mains with barrow gloves, ironman accounts with 99 firemaking and/or graceful outfit & many other builds. We sell a huge variety of OSRS accounts. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL ACCOUNTS THAT WE OFFER! CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL ACCOUNTS THAT WE OFFER! BEST PRICES! FOR AWESOME ACCOUNTS! We accept [Cash App/Credit Cards/OSRS Gold/Crypto] Contact our customer support at www.EZRSAccounts.com! Discord: EZRS#5916 Online 24/7. Caution: The account's don't have any wealth on them or memberships Terms of Service * We guarantee a 100% manual service; no bots or macros, which can be harmful to your account, will be used. * We dont use any 3rd party software and we are not responsible for your account in event of you getting banned * Only talk to us at www.EZRSAccounts.com to avoid imposters! * I will NEVER go first! * After you have paid me you will receive Login, Password and all the necessary information. * After you receive login details, you MUST change your accounts password and set an email. *We are not responsible for anything that happens to the account after the purchase. Accounts are hand trained and only you know the recovery information. * After our services are complete you MUST comment in this thread that the service was complete and leave feedback!
  5. ⚔Rune$cape Gold Sales⚔ Buying 07 gold | Best rates! Please contact us via Discord/Skype/Facebook/Forum PM for current rates (contacts below) *Accepted payments* Swedbank SEB PaySera PayPal Transferwise Bitcoin Ethereum UKBT SEPA Contacts: Skype [press on image]: Discord: RuneScapeGoldSales#9928 ID:557289497168183307 Facebook [press on image]: You can also PM us ✉ Additional information: To avoid getting scammed ALWAYS ask for PM before any transactions Negotiation is ALWAYS possible for bigger orders Regular sellers / buyers are valued I do not provide middleman services.
  6. ⚔Rune$cape Gold Sales⚔ Selling 07 gold | Best rates! | Negotiations are possible Please contact us via Discord/Skype/Facebook/Forum PM for current rates (contacts below) DISCOUNTS FOR BIGGER ORDERS ! *Accepted payments* Swedbank SEB PaySera PayPal Transferwise Bitcoin Ethereum UKBT SEPA Contacts: Skype [press on image]: Discord: RuneScapeGoldSales#9928 ID:557289497168183307 Facebook [press on image]: You can also PM us ✉ Additional information: To avoid getting scammed ALWAYS ask for PM before any transactions Negotiation is ALWAYS possible for bigger orders Regular sellers / buyers are valued I do not provide middleman services.
  7. Welcome to Zuzel111's Fire Cape service! What makes my service THE BEST ✔ Fast Delivery ✔ Cheap Prices ✔ The most trusted service ✔ Low stats requirements ✔ Great Customer service ✔ Livechat support at www.sparta.rs ✔ PayPal / Credit & Debit card / 07GP / RS3 GP/ Bitcoin accepted ✔ 100% Positive Osbot feedback (280+) and Sponsor Order now at www.Sparta.Rs ! It's worth to mention, my activity isn't limited just to Osbot, just google "Zuzel111 Fire Cape" Never got banned for Fire Cape service Over the years my service completed over 100,000 Oldschool Fire Capes including over 5000 Fire capes without prayer! I'm owner of company registered for RuneScape / Virtual goods I own my own Fire Caping website - www.sparta.rs with 3 capers ready to go! That means, you surely wont find more reliable service than my own. Contact information: ~~~------> zuzel14@hotmail.com <-----~~~ ~~~-----> SpartaRS#4395 (click to add) <----~~~ ~~~-----> Live:zuzel14 <----~~~ NEVER TRADE WITHOUT PM. There are TONS of impersonators! ORDER FORM: Ranged level Defence level HP & Pray levels: Have you added my skype? Terms of service: You may not share account with any friends while I'm doing your cape. Pass has to be set to temporarily one. If I fail your fire cape due to ANY reason, there are NO additional costs for further attempt(s). We are not responsible for rollbacks/mutes/bans during and after service. You have to change your password straigh after I tell you cape is completed and you may login You may not login on account while I'm working on it or change password. We have 24hours to complete any cape. However most of them are started straigh away Payment is refundable BEFORE order is STARTED ToS of OSBot services still applies. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/55805-global-osbot-terms-of-service-must-read/ buy Fire cape oldschool Fire cape service no overheads prayerless prayless 1-31 prayer hardcore ultimate ironman 1 defence pure spartars sparta rs Some previously completed capes in spoiler below
  8. discord name changed to ''gekkebakker#1464'' always ask for confirmation trough a osbot pm Discord channel: https://discord.gg/62nnZt Request form: What service do you need: quests,torso,defender's Payment methode: OSRS ONLY Do you agree to the T.O.S: Yes/No Prices will be discussed. T.O.S 1. You may not log into the account during a service unless discussed otherwise , NO REFUNDS 2. do not chance the details of the account otherwise the service will be nullified and NO REFUNDS 3. You MUST change your password after the service is completed 4. Once the service is complete you must leave Feedback. 5. You MUST Post on the service thread to acknowledge their individual T.O.S and start the service 6.If i can't deliver within the timeframe i have given you you wil be FULLY Refunded 7.I will NOT be responsible if the account gets banned since the service is HAND-DONE I will provide all pictures recordings once a service is done.
  9. Welcome to YanLili Gold Sell your all OSRS Gold at yanliligold.com 5500+ Vouches I am new join to the Osbot.org But i have 5500+ positive Vouches on other forums Trustpilot 200+ reviews :https://www.trustpilot.com/review/yanliligold.com Purchase quantity 1M-100B Trade account LvL 40-120 , no 3lvl account Once can take 10B+ Tip Jar and drop are Available #1: Discord: yanlili123#5068 (UID: 498771182368325632) #2: Discord:YanLiLi#8888 (UID:578450167804461066) Confirm Discord UID Method of Payment BTC USDT ETH Zelle Wire transfer PayPal(I not cover fee) Interac e-transfer MoneyBookers/Skrill WestUnion Alipay Provincial Mercantil Banco de Venezuela banesco
  10. Buying OSRS Gold I can buy 10b+ OSRS Gold in one trade/stake (Also buying smaller amounts starting from just 50M !) My Discord: DovisGold#3723 Unique ID: 569672499537903616 Discord is case sensitive, please copy&paste when adding me, and always check the Unique ID! Payment methods: BTC/ETH or any other crypto SEPA(Bank Transfer in Europe) PayPal Skrill Cashapp UK Bank Transfer Coinbase Binance +more Gold Transfer Methods: Trade Stake PvP kill Discord and Skype are the easiest ways to contact me. When adding me on Discord, please double check the Unique ID. 24/7 ONLINE ON: Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 | add me on skype Discord: DovisGold#3723 Discord Unique ID: 569672499537903616 Watch out for imposters, my Discord looks like this:
  11. OPEN POSITIONS: Workers[Questing/Skilling/Minigames] / Overseers[Services/Recruitment] / Account Builders Valid's Services is here to serve the RuneScape community and many other games, but to do that we need to find hardworking and loyal workers. We specialize in RuneScape gold as well as RuneScape services the most. So, are you up for the challenge? Do you want to earn big? Do you want to spend your time enjoying games while earning gold? Will then, Apply! How do you apply to be one of Valid’s workers? Easy. These are the current positions we are hiring: · Runescape (OSRS) Workers - Questing/Skilling/Minigames · WoW Workers – Power levelers. Higher rank positions: · Overseer Requirements for being a Worker: · A deposit of 100m OSRS (This discount applies to the next 3 workers, so go give this application a good shot!) This is refundable if you want to leave. Must not have any open orders. · A clean record across OSBot as well as other sites. · You cannot be banned on any other sites or have TWC/DNT, for whatever reason. · You must be able to use discord. · You must speak English. Workers TOS: This job includes, Quests/Skilling/Minigames for OSRS as well as Power leveling WoW classic. · All orders are to be completed by hand unless customer requested otherwise. · If you disrespect me or any of your colleague workers, you forfeit your deposit. · Orders will always go through Valid or any Overseer rank. · You may advertise but always put Valid’s discord below along with Unique ID's. · Any order you take must be completed, if you fail to do so without a VALID reason, you will be kicked and forfeited your deposit. · You must notify me when you are going to be away for a while. · You are not allowed to take payment from customers on your own using Valid’s name. Doing so will make you responsible for it and can lead to a kick from the service. · You will need to take pictures and update client. · Payment is split 20%-80% (you)- Please note, values can change if you work here longer, giving you a chance to get a better rate! All orders that are below 1M are 100% yours to keep. No split. Requirements for Overseer: · A (starting) deposit of 350m OSRS. This position handles payments, as such, we require a larger deposit. The entire amount is refundable once you leave and your deposit was not lost. · A clean record through out on OSBot and other sites related to Runescape Trading. · A solid reputation on Runescape Trading Sythes. · You cannot be banned on any other sites or have TWC/DNT, for whatever reason. · You must be able to use discord. · You must speak English. Overseer TOS: · You will be responsible taking payments from customers and distributing it out to workers when job is completed. · You will make sure that transactions are going according to our TOS. · You will provide quick and friendly service. · No bigger orders than your current deposit. · You will get a 5% commission on tickets you've cited yourself and followed all the way through. Not (yet) looking for a contract and wish to go at your own pace? Become an account builder today! Requirements for Account Builders: · Account builders will ONLY go through Valid · Any account order may range/vary a lot depending on the current needs. Let's get started Discord: Valid#0891 - 115489734435799043 Skype: live:valid.rs
  12. Valid's Gold Safety of your account and ease is our priority. Selling Runescape 2007 Gold: $ 0.34 /m Contact: - Discord: Valid#0891 // 115489734435799043 - Skype: live:valid.rs Payment options: - PayPal - CryptoCurrencies [BTC/ETH] & more coming soon...
  13. Valid Safety of your account and ease is our priority. Buying Runescape 2007 Gold: $ 0.28 /m Contact: - Discord: Valid#0891 // 115489734435799043 - Skype: live:valid.rs Payment options: - PayPal - CryptoCurrencies [BTC/ETH] & more coming soon...
  14. www.RPGStock.com Discord: rpgstock#0777 Buy your OSRS Runescape Gold with PayPal here! Cheapest rates with PayPal, Cashapp, Applepay, Zelle and more! Better Rates than any other site or we will match! Payment METHODS: BTC / ETH / CRYPTO PayPal/Credit-Debit Card/ Also taking Venmo/Cashapp/ Zelle/ Revolut Discord: rpgstock#0777 uid: 574588629343797257 or Visit us @ www.rpgstock.com
  15. Current Stock: 2000m+ Price Btc/Eth/Ltc: / 0.83-0.85 If you want to buy, please post below or pm me. We can use a middleman if you desire. Gold will be delivered after 2 confirmations in blockchain. (Btc)
  16. Chase's Account Creator Proxy Support [ HTTPS, SOCKS ] Anti-Captcha & 2Captcha Support Display Name, Email, Password, Age Options Download LINK
  17. Hi Everyone Here i have my old main i no longer play therefore looking to sell to supply my current main with GP Looking to start selling the account at 250m - AW / 800m Payment Accecpted - OSRS GP i am the OO - email and pw will be changed to yours upon purchase. Trading Conditions - You first - Can use a middleman at your fee. stats Quests Bank Nothing in the bank or untradeables. Bans
  18. bigNsmall AIO -Quests -Minigames -Firecapes -Skills -Account builds PM me or add me on discord: bigNsmall#5298 UID: 481148650387406858 1. Services or accounts must be paid upfront unless discussed otherwise. All payments go through bigNsmall. 2. Customer must supply the account with membership and supplies required for training unless discussed otherwise. 3. You don't login on your account during the service. Unless agreed upon before the service is started. 4. When you request our services, please remove all unnecessary wealth off of the account. 5. If our team cannot complete your order, we will refund you for what is left to be completed based on our prices. 6. We won't be responsible for any offences on the account since all our jobs will be done by hand and by hand only. 7. We may update these terms at any time and it is your responsibility to have read the latest version of them. 8. You must change your password after the service is completed. We are not responsible for anything that happens to your account before, during or after it's delivered. 9. We are not responsible for the loss of any ironman statuses. 10. No refunds are issued in a case of bans or removal of items. 11. Will use MM if you wish. You must get one and pay additional fees. Will never deny a PM. 12. Refunds will not be given after the service is started. 13. All trading must be done through tickets and all payments will be accepted by bigNsmall only. Trading with workers will mean your order will be cancelled and there won't be any refund. 14. Recovering accounts in attempts to squash bans will only be covered for one month after sale. Once this month has passed, additional fees can and will be charged for this service. Beware of impostors! - Always check UID!
  19. We're selling the CHEAPEST OSRS GOLD via Visa & Mastercards and many more! Our Reputation : #1 AribaReviews #2 Aribareviews #3 Aribareviews
  20. The code compiles fine, however when attempting to run via OSBot, the script doesn't run. Any idea? FYI: The script is meant to identify combat details of a player upon typing '!stats' and then type out this information. import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.net.URL; import java.net.URLConnection; import java.util.Arrays; import org.osbot.Hi; import org.osbot.rs07.api.ui.Message; import org.osbot.rs07.api.ui.Skill; import org.osbot.rs07.script.Script; import org.osbot.rs07.script.ScriptManifest; import java.net.MalformedURLException; import java.util.ArrayList; @ScriptManifest(name = "Highscores", author = "OsBot", version = 1, logo = " ", info = "Highscores") public class Highscores extends Script { private final ArrayList<String> stats = new ArrayList<String>(); public Highscores(final String player) { getStats(player); } public void onMessage(Message message) throws InterruptedException { String text = message.getMessage().toLowerCase(); String username = message.getUsername().toLowerCase(); Highscores highscores = new Highscores(username); if(text.contains("!stats")) { log("---"); getKeyboard().typeString("Atk:" + highscores.getSkillLevel(Skill.ATTACK) + ",Str:" + highscores.getSkillLevel(Skill.STRENGTH) + ",Def:" + highscores.getSkillLevel(Skill.DEFENCE) + ",Range:" + highscores.getSkillLevel(Skill.RANGED) + ",Mage:" + highscores.getSkillLevel(Skill.MAGIC)); } } @Override public void onStart() { this.getBot().addMessageListener(this); } @Override public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException { return random(400,600); } public int getSkillLevel(final Skill skill) { int index = getSkillIndex(skill); String[] array = stats.get(index).split(","); return Integer.parseInt(array[1]); } public int getSkillExperience(final Skill skill) { int index = getSkillIndex(skill); String[] array = stats.get(index).split(","); return Integer.parseInt(array[2]); } private void getStats(final String player) { try { URL url = new URL("https://secure.runescape.com/m=hiscore_oldschool/index_lite.ws?player=" + player); URLConnection con = url.openConnection(); BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(con.getInputStream())); String inputLine; while ((inputLine = in.readLine()) != null) { stats.add(inputLine); } in.close(); } catch (MalformedURLException e) { // CATCH } catch (IOException e) { // CATCH } } private int getSkillIndex(final Skill skill) { return Arrays.asList(Skill.values()).indexOf(skill) + 1; } }
  21. Welcome to my 07 Gold Shop. *Stake Trading Available! *Using high Lvl accounts! **Can do in increments or use a MM at your expense. Payment Methods: BTC/ETH (Instant payments via CoinBase/Localbtc available!) Current Rate: 0,46-0.50$/m (price range) ==>PM for prices. Contact me: ========================================= Discord: Drama#8744 (COPY-PASTE) (My unique ID: 240960592494460929) =========================================
  22. New Discord Account: Baod#1000 Unique Discord ID: 531582229248344093 New Discord Server: https://discord.gg/8fR2Z5SJvx TERMS OFSERVICE -1. You are required to change your password prior to services being handled. -2. No tickets or information will be handled outside of your opened ticket. This is to protect you, and our staff. -3. All information in your ticket is completely private to only Owner/Admin/Worker Manager and yourself. -4. You must post a picture of your account stats when you open a ticket prior to getting a quote. -5. All pre-quest and skill requirements must be done or you will be charged for the quests/skills needed to complete your job. -6. All items for the quest must be purchased, or 350k must be left on the account so that we can purchase the items needed from the GE. -7. If our personal items (weapons/armor etc.) must be borrowed for the quest there is a 400k fee charged. -8. Ironman accounts will only be done if all items and quests needed for your job are acquired/completed Discount lvl 1 (2%) Gold Buyers - Returning only. Discount lvl 2 (4%) Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (50m + orders) Discount lvl 3 (6%) Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (OSBOT) Discount lvl 4 (8%) Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (100m+ orders) Discount lvl 5 (10%)Minigame, Questing, Firecapes (Server Boosters)
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