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    I would love to learn scripting :)
    have a nice day <3!

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  1.  Can you check this out buddy.

  2. I would love to get a trial on this script please
  3. Can i get a trial of this script please
  4. Hey, i'd love to get a trial on this script, really need to try it out.
  5. Hey i'd like to have a trial on this one buddy
  6. Do you accept Ethereum? or any crypto?
  7. Can you hit me up with a Magic 24hr trial, ty <3 

  8. Hey, do you give like 24hrs trials for NMZ script? i'm thinking to buy it but this time i really wanna try before buying, i bought a script that didn't work perfectly so i am afraid. Good to try the script anyways. Let me know if you can give trial. Thanks.


    1. Fruity


      I dont do trials currently, ask all the questions you have on the thread and either i or active users will let you know the answers

  9. Hey, your sand crab script isn't working perfectly  and only position that works is west side. Also i wanted a trial to test it out, you weren't here so i just bought it. Also it doesn't support all spots. i would like to get my refund if possible.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SoFFaaH


      Sounds better actually! I'm just going to suggest it here. I really want you to add a map, and there would be different locations where you want to train, Cordinates such as west, east far east and west confuses people, it seems like you rushed this script which is totally fine, This can be really hard work but get a map and dif locations, also adding a special attack to different weapon such as dragon dagger, if you use dragon scimitar and special attack, it will only use Dragon scim spec. And about those cordinates, only west side works for sand crabs. You should test it out if possible. Sorry if i confused you. Tried my best.

    3. Czar


      Yep I am working on a custom map like my stronghold script you just basically click on the map where you wanna fight at. As for specs I will do some work there and convert code from my fighter script it will work flawlessly in the new update. thanks for the detailed response I will post the new update with all the new points. :D If you want personalized spots turn on the use my spot option and walk to any crab spot it will have the same effect except no map chooser yet. It's in the designing stages ^^ :D

    4. SoFFaaH


      Great man! No need to rush. Do you!

  10. Hey can i get a free trial to try this, i looking forward to buy this.
  11. Can i get the trial of Khal Experiments? you're not checking it at all ?

    1. Khaleesi


      Not home so can’t give it atm

    2. SoFFaaH


      Aight no worries, make sure to check it out when u at home

  12. Script name Khal Experiments - trial length 2 days - Reason for trial - You're awesome boy, wanna try this - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? Definitely anything to help improve script. Yes i will give.
  13. Hey Drunky boy, how you've been :D
    Been a while tho, might not remember.


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