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  1. Did Jad mirror mode to jad then switched to stealth and it died instantly. put up mage prayer and didnt respond and died
  2. Suggestion using Varrock Teleports and unnoteing with noted logs in inventory to increase hourly xp rates. Also should add the anti carpeltunnel method of firemaking, instead of going tinder box to log every time. Its more human like, pm me if you dont know what i mean by that.
  3. mirror mode and all it says today is members object cannot be found
  4. cant seem to find the items in my bank
  5. New Bug if run out of gp and dies, it will continue to try to collect items. and not accoplish anything but stand there.
  6. Question, im on a low level account if i were to get the pet while botting and im not paying attention, will the bot bank the pet? incase of death? i didnt see a shutdown option if were to get the pet nor bank option.
  7. Bug Problem, When entering the instance, a chat menu pops up and the bot doesnt click past it, and just stands there. the boss doesnt spawn until after the chat is gone.
  8. can you add cannon option to the script
  9. Hey Great script runs good, however i sugguest. Some scripts can remove the title osbot .2.6 on the top and change it to RuneLite *Username*. for less ban rates can you add this to your script? Something weird i noticed when doing black salamanders, it will open the settings options then open inventory option, then drop item, then open the settings again. very unhuman like in my eyes. The script should set up as usual, then keep inventory open at all times while hunting.
  10. does this script do 1 tick karambwans?
  11. how do i fix the override reaction settings?
  12. troubles cooking raw kawabawans at rouges den
  13. not to pleased with the script died several times with max main with max gear.
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