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  1. Gets stuck at "Account Guide" all the time, and therefore doesn't complete tutorial island.
  2. Get a better method/script. Been running this 1 account on Mirror mode 6 days into its bond now, and already earned 30M+
  3. For botting you need SOCKS5 proxies - They should be allocated only to you. If you use a VPN/shared proxy for botting you're basically asking for a ban. Residential proxies are only needed for account creation, they're not worth it to bot with as they're very expensive and usually have bad uptime unlike Datacenter proxies which have 99.9+% uptime.
  4. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/158016-2566-mirror-mode-bug/
  5. JVM/Browser bit version: java 32bit 8u231 Mirror Mode version: v3.08.187 Script was working fine on 2.5.65, on both Mirror and Stealth Injection. After update to 2.5.66 I get this error when running the script on Mirror Mode, but script works fine on Stealth Injection: This is line 74 and 75 of my script if needed, also tried removing those but still get error:
  6. Would like a trial for this, looks promising!
  7. Servers are located in Germany, contact me if you need other locations or have any questions. We can offer you free support to setup the server for botting OSRS, you will ofcourse recieve full root access to the servers. Linux Distributions will be installed for free, contact us if you specifically need Windows. We also sell proxies for 2.5$ per IP - these are datacenter IP's with 99.9% uptime to be used for 24/7 botting - Residential IP's are needed for account creation. Intel Core i7-4770 32 GB RAM 2x 2 TB HDD | 1Gbps Unlimited Traffic - 60$ per month Intel Xeon E3
  8. interested in that level 46 combat message me asap please.

  9. Run a Vial Filler in F2P world, should get banned pretty fast
  10. This account has recieved a 2 day ban in the past, but is not being botted anymore. I am the original owner, and email will be given to the buyer if I decide to sell it. Combat level is 46.
  11. As title says, only selling to trusted users Stock: 0M 07 SOLD
  12. Fle7ek

    APA Rune Sudoku

    I'd definately buy this if it was self-sufficient (If out of cash, sells runes at GE and gets back). Thinking about adding that soon?
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