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"For your account safety" error

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I have a script that world hops a lot but after a few hours of world hopping, I sometimes get the logger

"For your account safety" 

and it stops my script automatically.

Is there a way to work around this or disable it? 


What script, if its your own and this is happening, im not sure.

If its someone elses they might have implemented something, I don't really bot anymore so I cant be certain

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Its my own private script.

Its a client issue I believe


I think this is to prevent any temp bans on your account due to hopping too much within a short amount of time. I remember couple months back I was hopping a lot to find an empty world and got a message in game chat, or on login screen after force logout... can't remember exactly which one hahahah (was also using osbuddy at time, not osbot).


So I think osbot dev added some code to prevent people from continuing to hop once a certain limit is reached within a certain amount of time. I could be completely wrong though 

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You may be right. I wish there was a way to disable it tho because I don't want to baby sit my accounts. This makes the script stop every few hours so I have to use a ghost mouse to restart it ohmy.png

You could add a bit of code to your script to prevent it from hopping x number of times in a given amount of time. This would likely solve your issue, but might be annoying figuring out what the hop threshold is

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