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  1. I've gotten a few accounts 80 str 1 att 1 def straight from tut island, FTP mostly no ban. Shouldn't be too hard, just use good scripts
  2. If your question is can you prevent perm ban on first offense, then the answer is no. I feel like 2 day bans are rare now.
  3. I was getting massive ban rates using stealth mode with my private scripts(which I was constantly debugging and adding stuff to the script) up until mirror mode. So its either mirror mode or the updates that kept me from getting ban, but my VIP is currently done, so I will test the same script using stealth to see if in fact it was mainly mirror mode, or my script preventing a ban. With my current account im on 1 att 77 str 1 def 52 range 52 mage 7 cooking, rest of stats are level 1. Botted every straight from tut island (except the 7 cooking, I got that just to test eating wasn't buggy in my script).
  4. Yeah buddy, although I run all my bots straight off tut island lmfao. I use my own scripts however, but I'm not a crazy scripter, but they run nicely. Only reason why I gave mirror mode a try is because I started getting picked up quicker than usual, so just bought VIP this past month. The forums online are pretty misleading and almost didn't buy it because of all the negativity around it. Glad I did though tbh. On the other hand I could just be on a lucky streak though... but I doubt it
  5. Agreed, it has for me as well. Forums are full of controversy around whether or not mirror mode helps or not, but I haven't been ban since buying VIP. Definitely worth testing the waters for a month. If you are gold farming and not botting a signle account at a time, then you should probably stick to stealth injection, as mirror mode takes up more CPU power. Good luck, and feel free to message me with any questions. Oh and my account now has been botted straight off tut island, with no exp in anything but str, mage, range, and hp. It is 1 att 77 str and kills men n loots herbies for money. Not a single ban yet
  6. Mirror mode has definitely been worth it for me. Although it could be all luck of the draw, but I decided to try mirror mode out after receiving bans quicker than usual. So far it has been great and haven't received a ban since (only bot one account at the moment, but was getting ban before fairly quick doing same method). The bot had even survived approx 3-5 hours of walking back and forth due to a bug in my script, and somehow still no ban. Just thought I'd throw this out there, mainly because I was skeptical about mirror mode before trying it out myself (mainly due to the mixed reviews seen online). So far I'm lovin' it doooe
  7. May just be me, but I feel like you're approaching this a difficult way my friend
  8. I use my own personal scripts and can tell you for fact that where you bot deifnitely makes a major impact. I tried using my script for cows/cowhides, accounts would get ban before I even came close to a day of botting. Meanwhile using same script I was able to get 78 strength 47 range 47 mage all ftp botted straight off tut island (not at cows of course), with no ban. The 78 str was using bronze sword and wooden shield too hahahaha EDIT: In other words... don't bot ftp cows, unless maybe, just maybe, you have a reallllllly realllllllly good private script. Even though, your odds at cows are slim my friend.
  9. Hahahahah yeah, I read a long time ago that it had been removed because they saw it as pointless, due to the fact that most bots would handle this random event, while actual players who afk would lose out and not handle the random at all. RSWiki also confirmed it has been taken out. Wanted to say that from the get go, but RSWiki has shafted me at times
  10. Yeah it can definitely be tricky the first time around! After that it becomes much easier! Does OSRS even have the random event that causes broken pickaxes anymore?
  11. Gz on release, very nice for a first script for sure. A future suggestion would be to add auto detection of the pickaxe wielded or in inventory on start, to eliminate that option in GUI. Regardless nice script
  12. Agreed, especially since this doesn't look like its running mirror mode either (which takes up more CPU). It has to be the script for sure! If this ever happens when I'm writing my own scripts, I revert to older version of script and see if CPU usage is still high under same conditions, or I turn newer pieces of code in script into comments until I narrow down what is exactly taking up so much more CPU. /*multi line comment */
  13. Remouse Standard/Ghost mouse, not sure if free version would allow you to accomplish exactly what you're looking for, but the paid version most likely would.
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