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QuantumProxyz - Cheap dedicated SOCKS5 proxies!


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$3.00/mo per Proxy

$2.50/mo for 5+, $2.00/mo for 10+



Currently Out of Business (thanks scammers). No proxies.


We offer cheap, dedicated SOCKS5 proxies for use with Runescape.


  • Private SOCKS5 proxies, only you have access to this IP.
  • Setup instant upon payment (rarely may take up to 24 hours if issues occur).
  • Quick and simple control panel, setup 1 IP or multiple IPs in an instant
  • Top tier customer support, you will always be our #1 priority!

What we don't do

  • Give IP exchanges. If you want a new IP, just purchase another proxy. Chances are, you really don't need this.
  • Give IPs from a large range of subnets, we are a new provider so our IP offerings are a little more limited for the mean time.

Do I need a proxy?

A proxy is only useful under a few circumstances. If you are botting multiple accounts, using proxies on these accounts limits chain-bans. Also, if you have a main account that is not botted, you may want to keep your bots on proxies to keep your main's IP clean. Proxies DO NOT reduce bans on their own, they are a tool and must be used properly.


How to order
Contacting us via PM on here (@Lemons) is the best method. You can also use one of the contact methods below. You will be directed you to our website for ordering.

Skype: quantumproxyz@gmail.com or live:admin_22453 (Double check/verify! Safest to PM me your skype)

Accepted Payment Types


BTC and 07 you need to contact me via Skype, they are not handled through the site at this time.

OSRS GP rates will be what the resellers are buying for. Message me for exact rates.

Terms of Service

Network Policy - We expressly disclaim any liability for the data and content transmitted though or temporarily or permanently stored on our network for the actions or omission of users.

Service Delivery Guarantee - We have up to 24 hours after payment to deliver your services/products. If it has been past 24 hours you are eligible for a full refund.

Service Refund and Cancellation - We offer no refunds on our services, unless otherwise stated in these Terms of Service. Overdue invoices may result in the termination of related services.

Payment Chargeback/Billing disputes - Raising a billing dispute with any of our payment processors will put your account into a suspended state. While suspended, accounts will be unable to place new orders and services may be terminated.

Collection and recording of Metadata - To prevent abuse of our proxies, we record and store metadata related to all connections made through our products and services. This metadata will only be shared with 3rd parties if necessary.

Acceptable Use - These proxies are meant for Runescape only! Using them for illegal/abusive purposes will involve the termination of your products/services with no refund. 

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when buying proxies your buying an ip right? that you put into the proxy part on osbot for example? 



Right! You're purchasing an IP that will be assigned to you! You will be the only one with access to the username and password that you place on the proxy! smile.png



Credits to Lemons:



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ok how many bans u reckon i should keep that ip till i buy a new 1?




Ideally, it would be in your best interest to purchase 1 proxy per account. And, for the price you are getting them at, you can't beat it. $2.00 per proxy is seriously a steal! And thats for an entire month! you will make back your $2.00 for buying a proxy within 30 minutes or less of botting! 

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