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  1. @spectre007 Dude,  please contact me as soon as possible. The account I purchased from YOU has had a password change. You're the only other person with the credentials. @Decode

  2. i tried to recover it has been denied. so i have to refund i dont even have access to the account. i really dont want to lose my osbot scripts ffs
  3. i tried to recover the account as you know it was denied. What else can i do in this case
  4. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/142354-selling-beast-f2p-pure-99str-93-rng-13-prayer/
  5. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/142354-selling-beast-f2p-pure-99str-93-rng-13-prayer/
  6. hi appa when smithing at varrock big bank it clicks sometimes on the door next to the first bank tab. i believe this happends only when the door is already open
  7. spectre007


    is it only supporting chins or also birds ?
  8. use 3-4 h per day you will be safe. i also have an void pure. Got full void with this script
  9. is the update pushed or released yet ??
  10. use google authenticator
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