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Khal Warrior Guild


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Ladies and Gents, the wait is finally over! Khal Warrior Guild is here to do one of the most annoying tasks on RuneScape for you - gather those pesky yet so useful defenders! Wether you're after the defenders or the incredible XP, this is the script for you! With over 50K str xp/h with a 70-72-70 with nothing but a glory in str bonuses you can only imagine what you can get with some decent stats and bonuses!  Read below for more info or post! The script will be on the SDN as soon as our awesome SDN Manager @Ericthecmh pushes it, be sure to follow the topic to not miss out!



- Camping (Rune/Dragon defenders)

- Getting Bronze - Dragon defenders

- Gathering tokens by killing animated armours (bronze-rune)

- Incredible XP/H (65K xp/h with ~80 stats)

- Amazing profits, loot anything you want!

- Complete Potion, food & banking support (combats, supers, normals)

- Special Attack with weapon of your choice

- New, incredibly sexy paint!












Bug report Template:

- Normal client or Mirror client?

- What is the issue?

- What is the script status, (can be seen in the paint)

- Can you get a printscreen of it?


Script Trial:

- A 24h trial is available for this script. You may request one HERE


Grats on script!

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