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Khal Warrior Guild

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About Khal Warrior Guild

mustang guy

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I really like this script. It seems to act more natural than many I've seen. I make good money in the Warrior's Guild and the xp is very nice. The Cyclops's give the following xp:

level 56 - 300

level 76 - 400

level 106 - 600

They have low defense, low strength, and decent drops. Furthermore, the bank is right there in the Guild.

In my tests, the xp/hour including the xp to fight animated armor is about the same as the giant spiders in the stronghold dungeon.

Thanks to this script, I have 6 rune defenders and 2 dragon defenders.

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Script works very well. Haven't encountered any issues. I love that it's progressive.

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Everything works ok, but sadly have to give this one a bad rating since it has consistently lost my armour sets by failing to pick them up and then logging out because it thinks I have no armour left. I think it lost around 5 sets of mithril, and 2 sets of rune, in the space of 1-2 days, so not ideal. Also lack of world hopping features is a bit disappointing, and weird quirks such as using the same magical animator as another player when there is an empty one free seems a bit odd.

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Thanks for the help rendered when mirror client encountered an issue regarding the door clicking and camera rotation. 

Perfect Script. As amazing as always. Khaleesi <3


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Luis Duarte


Thank you for an awesome script, getting me Bronze-Dragon defender 99% autopilot (Had to edit minimal settings, but oh so worth it.)

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Used it to get from bronze to rune defenders.

atm got 25 rune defenders in my bank.

Very nice script, flawless!

cheers for this mate

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