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Why did you buy sponsor

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So I have been looking at other forums and I see there is a huge difference between OSbot sponsors and other forum sponsors, by the looks of it OSbot does not have many sponsors but the ones they do have are very active in the community. Other forums I have searched on there Sponsors and high donors are onlu active in the market sections of there sites what could possible be the cause of this? 


My reason for getting sponsor, well its pretty basic before I purchase sponsor I looked around checkout our the standard bot and then pretty much tried out the mirror client. From there I pretty much looked at the releases and looked over some of the recent updates and how much work the scripters were doing to push out vital and flawless scripts. Overall that's what really pushed me to buy lifetime sponsor just wondering what made all the other sponsors do it. 

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to show you are invested in your market, who wouldn't buy or sell from someone thats spent 150$ on site, rarely is someone willing to throw that much money away for literally nothing if they weren't here for real business. Just proof that you are here for awhile. (i had sponsor for 6 months)

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I bought it to show though I do support the site. I was aiming for lifetime sponsor orignally but I didn't have enough funds at the time so I got Sponsor and once my Sponsor is over I'll be getting lifetime. That's why I got it. Oh and mirror is cool, x6 sigs, 3 hour bump, and the discount on scripts is cool too.

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