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  1. I'll go first to trusted, otherwise you find a MM from here.
  2. Added on discord. Bought from him.
  3. PP f&f I'll go first to trusted otherwise MM(from here) is on you.
  4. No set price, it will have to be discussed based on needs. Basic without a database (under 500 lines of code/5 commands) would start around $5 to give a rough estimate. I can also host it for you, but it will cost you. Can also do automation or webscraping if needed.
  5. $40 but if usd to your currency is above 10% i cant trade. Outside my remaining budget sorry. Have $43 left so only a $40 dollar game or less.
  6. Trade went great - thanks! Double trade went well - $50 left. @Mio if that game you were looking at is sub $50 let me know.
  7. Wouldnt let me add you, ProbsJustin#0001
  8. Have steam money to blow, and nothing to use it on. $10 game = 5m $20 game = 10m $30 game = 15m $40 game = 20m Etc. Will go first to trusted, anything lower than my fb will need a middle man at your cost. First come first serve until im out of funds.
  9. Used it for less than two hours total, hasnt been touched it 6+m.
  10. Probably shouldv'e included its rs3 stats. but figured it was just shits n giggles. and has access to classic.
  11. Username login it also has access to classic lol
  12. one dedicated big vps would work fine, but you'll want lots of proxies. Again, DEDICATED, not shared.
  13. some say yes some say no, i don't think its "higher risk" either way, just play smart.
  14. Walrus. move vet rank up to june 22nd pl0x.
  15. I'll buy via pp gift if you go first.
  16. I'll do it for 18m assuming you provide potions when needed.
  17. iouno, i'd take 50 good trades over a guy with 5 trades and a sponsor lol.
  18. give me your offers. (already have the robe bottom) Must be HAND done.
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