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  1. i cant buy 100k on ge lol i have to wait
  2. pm me for the price edit: cooked lobs :p
  3. OCE players can play on China/Taiwan/Korea servers with low ping?
  4. the intro is like the faster stronger song the intro is like the faster stronger song
  5. @Czar spiders/ankous may take time but they are 99.9 safe i ahvent got banned with @Czar Scripts gl
  6. Solace

    im dying

    hahahaah wtf is this
  7. nice haha not even bad but nice signature tho :p
  8. Solace

    80 wc

    u can bot 80 wc in less than 2 weeks
  9. there a different methods where u can earn around 600k an hour but the cost is very high
  10. if u didnt put any info there u are fine :p
  11. the fking mod pming those girls LOL
  12. would be nice if u list ur methods :p
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