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  1. Gee I am so glad I donated $100 to the site now.
  2. Light hearted as usual. I know you care deep down ;).
  3. OH FUCK YES! I totally forgot I had my own Emoticon. Guys! please be sure to use this shit more often. You must keep my memory alive. Spam that shit in chatbox all fucking night! Sorry about that thanks so much for your kind words.
  4. Thank you and agreed. Best of luck to you as well.
  5. Hi guys, I can't believe its been three years since OSBot was born. Hell of a time. I joined few months afterward had some fun botting. I didn't really talk to anyone until I filed my first dispute ever back in May 2014. @Dex helped me out like the b0ss he is. He inspired me to become a mod later that year. Today I just got an awesome job after I left Law School at the end of January. $15 an hour starting off too so that's quite good for my first real job besides my previous internship. It can only go up from here. No real complaints. After I quit runescape I realized the only thing keeping me, here was the fact I get paid $60 a month to advertise shit in my signature. Now that I have a job $60 is nothing to me. Besides I really don't enjoy myself here anymore. Mainly it is the immaturity of some of our members whom I can no longer tolerate. I am not offended by them per se... it's just not a good fit affiliating myself with such people, and it's a general waste of energy. Having said that I have made plenty of good friends from here, but I can more easily talk with them on skype/facebook I don't need to deal with the more immature people on here. One final remark before I end this. I bear the mantle as one of the more trustworthy members on here. As such I will go down with that mantle in pride. I will not scam quit. I am not saying I want my account banend as that wont look right... However I do want to lose access to my account forever only to be kept as a "Trophy" so to speak on the ex-staff list as I don't want my legacy to be forgotten. Not sure what the best way to do that is but I and the mods will figure something out. Beyond that I never want to return to OSBot, and I think that is for the best. To my friends I say goodbye for now... But not forever for we shall stay in touch. To those individuals I have grown tired of I forgive you and hope you change for the better. *Flies away into the horizon*
  6. That's the thing that sucks about not having the real life section. Only spam is left and generally it's just shitpost here. I will say another thing that annoys me about the whole (Alpha/Beta Dichotomy) is that just because I love video games,anime and other nerdy stuff and that don't like to go out drinking/clubbing etc I am supposedly some unconfident loser. That said I bet I have more confidence in my left nut than these self proclaimed "Alpha's" do. They're the real losers because they feel they have per scribe to some lame generic archetype of what being a man or confident is. I am going to do me regardless of what others say. No one fucking tells me how I live my life!
  7. Mmmkay and no problem thanks for clarifying. Sorry if I was too rough. Dealing with some of the more immature idiots on here becomes tiresome. Top it off I am super busy irl and just got a job. Nothing personal to you.
  8. First, you have to define what being "alpha" is. If by Alpha, you mean confident than your confident, first and foremost, no label like alpha can change/bestow that. If you don't like yourself and want to change, then change.
  9. Lol I am not hating anyone. I just think it's an obnoxious trend that has lost its meaning. If you're not apart of greek life the shit has zero meaning and it reeks of insecurity. Fuck labels just be yourself.
  10. Congrats! You're even more of a loser than you were before . Just be yourself and stop giving a fuck what others think of you(AKA being confident). Seriously though that shit makes me cringe. This isn't a fucking 60s frat house this shit has no meaning and it looks so juvenile.
  11. *furiously masturbating*
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