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Muffins TWC

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So I'm not quite sure what section this belongs in, but I wanted to open a thread to petition the removal of Muffins TWC.


Muffins was one of the first people I met when I came to OSBot, and has always been by far the most helpful in the CB. he's almost always available, and no matter how annoying the questions he's asked may be, he always replies with a very calm explanative demeanor. The argument could be made, very strongly in fact, that he's more helpful in the CB than the collective bunch of CBAs, excluding Varc, who doesn't really count on account of being a Global Mod now.


I'm unsure of the circumstances of Muffin's ban a while back, and I haven't bothered Muffins to find out what happened exactly. However, in light of his unban, clearly the issue that occurred was either overruled, or staff thought it otherwise unimportant enough that it merited his ban repeal. And since his return, as is evident in his feedback, he's returned directly to his old positive helpful self.


Just to hit on this one more time to summarize how I feel about this situation: Muffins is a sterling member, and absolute asset to the CB, TWC is an insult to the fantastic positive contributions he supplies on a daily basis.


Obviously if TWC was applied by staff, it can likewise be removed, which I think this situation clearly dictates is the proper course of action.


Thanks for reading!

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Why would you campaign for this when you don't even know why he got it the first place?

He's a very nice chap though.


Because I've dealt with Muffins several times, trusted him with a 50m bank, bought gold from him, and since I'm in the CB quite a bit, I see all the helpful links/instructions he provides to people that barge in going "WHAI MAI BAWT NO W3RK?" that most of us ignore and CBF to deal with. Which I think deserves a bit more recognition than TWC.

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