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  1. Anything specific you want a picture off?
  2. I haven't been active the last 2-3 days, due to having my E-Mail compromised and that includes pretty much any of my forum accounts and anything else that my E-Mail were created with including my PayPal account. There were as far as I can see 17 attempted chargebacks indcluding VIP, Gold, Microsoft, Proxies, Freelancer. None of these chargebacks went through luckily, but I do take this on my shoulders due to my E-Mail not being secure enough - No phone verification, I've recovered my E-Mail earlier today and setup everything so it should be safe.
  3. I am still selling - It'll be done within 36 hours of the purchase.
  4. I have 25 bots, botting corporal beast - Got 10 Ely's yesterday
  5. Not rly, but here it is lol
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