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  1. Takeoff


    3 posts per 1 like isn't a bad ratio
  2. ooh is that where @Pain got his name from? I didnt watch this stuff ..
  3. Disputed member: http://osbot.org/forum/user/118993-fearful/ Thread Link: Has been deleted Explanation: I joined Fearful's swapping team, which had a 10m 07 deposit to join. Prior to paying the deposit I asked for specifics on the refund policy as Lebron had posted this thread http://osbot.org/forum/topic/68821-rant-deposit-fees/#entry759492 which I thought made some good points. http://puu.sh/h1uc0/d1503a6d95.png http://puu.sh/h1udd/855a0d5030.png He said the deposit was refundable up to a point, and never specified. He is saying that the thread stated the terms of refunding http://puu.sh/h1ugL/5a584ba798.png While the thread may say the rules now, when I posted on the thread & asked him about it on skype, the thread wasn't edited. This where the dispute begins. http://puu.sh/h1um5/b4a17a8520.png http://puu.sh/h1uUH/60a70d0bc5.png He claims otherwise http://puu.sh/h1urb/9289bc73bb http://puu.sh/h1ut2/ea2316940d.png Asuna suggested that the time I posted on the thread would have been when I was agreeing to the terms. http://puu.sh/h1uN6/9548959ace.png http://prntscr.com/6ouvns which shows that they were discussing it, not necessarily that it was on the thread at that time. I inquired about joining prior to that screen shot, having posted on the thread originally the same day, but hours before the thread was edited, adding him on skype the next morning when I woke up. http://puu.sh/gZzXk/8f3815e661.jpg http://puu.sh/gZzXU/9b2373a294.png I realize this may be hard to judge, because to my knowledge the thread is deleted and it is impossible to see the edited times due to a lack of a necessary plugin I know it is not Fearful's fault swapping ended, this is not about that, just whether or not the deposit should be refunded - regardless of me making it back or not, breaking even in essence.
  4. You'll end paying more for the private ones than you would if you bought 5 300 packages off that site I linked you, guarantee it. (1500 viewers is most you'll need to be within top 5 of runescape at any given time)
  5. You think there is some magic viewbot with 5k viewers for $10?
  6. this is haram where is @RoomScape to bring justice to almighty allah, bless his name
  7. http://twitch-viewerbot.com/ how hard is google this is the most trusted one i believe
  8. Seems like it has too many reqs , but gl
  9. its like they made it just for you
  10. Shouldn't it be relative to the current date?
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