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OSBot 2.3.46 - Dialogues - InteractionEvent - Improved Widget performance

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  • Developer

Dear community,


With this update comes the following change list:


- @Maxi

-- Patched Dialogue API to work with the new OSRS dialogue system. It now uses the keyboard (space bar and numboard keys) to interact.

-- Patched a bug with the InteractionEvent pointed out by @Khaleesi, thank you for writing a detailed bug report

-- The widget system has been given a decent performance boost

-- Various parts of the mouse events have been changed to allow for more failsafes

Script writers, please read this and update your scripts accordingly: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/67995-dialogues-please-read/




The OSBot team


P.S. Some users running in to problems starting the boot loader might have to delete their store.dat in their OSBot folder. This is likely the case for most users.


TL;DR = Delete your store.dat in your OSBot folder (sorry for the inconvenience, this will make force you to saves your accounts and settings again)

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  • Developer

Maxi have you release any new classes yet. Or you guys still working in that?


We have but they are undocumented and not ready for use yet. Alek will finish this soon hopefully.


when will that be ? will it be today?

thanks for effort doe wink.png


It will be when it will be. Remember that the mirror client is still in BETA and is not a advertised feature yet in the VIP package. The update comes not only with updated hooks but several bugs and performance boosts, at this point these things have to be finished to be able to update the mirror client.

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Seems selecting options in dialogues doesn't work still? Is there any changes we need to make due to the new method, having issues on karamja customs officer (dialogue.pendingOption() to be specific).

I'll check it out.


Hmmm: odMOzfJ.png



code: yeLqzDh.png




if (dialogues.isPendingOption()) {

Please note that the first choice index is 1 now.

Edit: read this http://osbot.org/forum/topic/67995-dialogues-please-read/

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