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[theory] actions with minimal input vs the opposite

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So I've noticed that my bots (I don't ever do suicide bots) tend to get banned first on scripts that involve a lot of mouse action, clicks, etc.  Especially ones that do not utilize shift to drop.  Almost always gathering ones, fishing especially.  I know that areas are important (for instance, fishing in F2P like lumb/barb village is a big nono) but I digress.


I've managed to bot to 95+ base melee with sand crab scripts and the like (ones that require very little input) and not get banned, even going as far as 12-14 hours a day, but when I get to fishing or mining it's nearly always a ban (leading me to start developing my own scripts that use less input where possible).  Has anyone else noticed this trend?

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Personally from what I've seen, bots that don't require any walking/minimap clicking do a lot lot better than bots that do walk/minimap click. Just an observation though! There are some exceptions to this, e.g. runecrafting with a zoomed out camera and clicking objects from afar without actually walking to the object first via minimap, etc.

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As others have said, typically the less interaction the better. I've found this to be very true for common activities (fishing, woodcutting, mining, etc.). However, I've written scripts for less common activities that still have a lot of client interaction with clicks/walking that haven't had bans, so I think the less popular an activity the less data they have to quickly catch and ban players.

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