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  1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Grand Turismo
  2. I'm trying to read in item prices via the Runescape wiki API, but they block generic requests from anything with the default user agent of Java/{version}, so you have to use: System.setProperty("http.agent", "Chrome"); In order to not get blocked by them. However, this line seems to be blocked by the OSBot client, because when I have it added I get the error: Blocked permission: ("java.util.PropertyPermission" "http.agent" "write") I assume there's a reason the client blocks this, but I'm not sure why. Is there an alternative or a workaround? Here is my full code: publ
  3. You can't chargeback bitcoin lol
  4. You can get another 2-day ban if the first one gets quashed, but I've found that it's more likely for the next ban to be a perma, so definitely not something you want to bank on if it's an account you don't want to lose.
  5. Could I get a trial? Thanks!
  6. CLI support has been added! Let me know if anyone runs into any issues.
  7. Crazy you get that much loot in F2P. Great video!
  8. Currently no, but I can definitely add that! I'll try to get an update to implement that by this weekend.
  9. As others have said, typically the less interaction the better. I've found this to be very true for common activities (fishing, woodcutting, mining, etc.). However, I've written scripts for less common activities that still have a lot of client interaction with clicks/walking that haven't had bans, so I think the less popular an activity the less data they have to quickly catch and ban players.
  10. It really depends on the botting activity. I still bot frequently on my main and it's over 2000 total level. That being said all it takes is one botting session for them to pick up on you and ban you. I've had plenty of other accounts bot for a very short period of time and get banned. That being said some people get luckier than others.
  11. I doubt they use window size as a heuristic. Many people use both fixed and resizable. I always play on resizable using OpenOSRS but run all my bots in Fixed. If they looked at that I'm guessing ban patterns would be apparent.
  12. Dharoking is better xp/hr than full obby starting at 92 HP with at least 80 attack and 85 strength. However, even at 99 attack, strength, and hp, full Dharoks is only about 15% xp/hr so it's not really necessary to upgrade.
  13. Nano Drift Nets About: This script will craft Jute Fibers into Drift Nets on Fossil Island using the bank chest and loom in the expedition camp. With the efficiency of this script, you can expect 45k-50k crafting experience per hour and 200-400k profit per hour based on buying and selling prices of drift nets and Jute Fibers. Features: Crafts Jute Fibers into Drift Nets for 55xp each. Option to use stamina potions when run energy gets too low. Planned: GE Restocking. Falador loom support. Runner/Master support.
  14. Yeah I don't know why it got categorized as that, I didn't select it . I put in a request for it to be moved but it hasn't gone through yet.
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