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Safety of OSBot client.

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1 hour ago, arturfour said:

Hi all,

Just got a quick question. How safe is it to use OSBot client? What are the chances I will get hacked and cleaned after some time because of giving my account info to OSBot? What can I do to secure my account?



All account and proxy information is stored locally and is encrypted.

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Thank you so much everyone for your answers. I think I will hold on with botting for a little while because I just got banned for two days by Jagex. I was using Thieving bot on ardy knights. One lvl a day in 30 min segments with 20 min breaks and still got into their sight.

Might be a better idea to create a new acc. The only thing that holds me from that is that I can't find a script to buy soda ash from trader crew members. I just can't make myself buy 20k soda ash again on my iron.

Thanks again.


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