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  1. sent a friend request. buying voucher for stealth quester. Akatsuki#0366
  2. Been using OSBot for years (yeah this is my second account). If you're still having doubts about your accout getting compromised, better have that 2-factor set-up.
  3. Just got one acct banned in agility (mirror mode on, settings for break enabled with 90% randomization; bot time on 85, break on 49 mins). Immediately after, I restarted client and OSBot, used the random.dat deletion tool. Will update you guys on how it will turn out on my other accts
  4. Trial please! Thanks in advance!
  5. Maybe you ban for too long or don't use mirror mode. been using it for the past week. no bans yet. ran it for max of less than 2 hrs and then break of 40+ mins.
  6. Alright. Thanks for the redirect and the response! Cheers
  7. Not happy, NGL. First few scrolls were okay. 4 clue scroll/hr, I can live with that but being AFK for minutes to hours after receiving a new clue or opening a casket. It's also taking up quite a lot of Varrock tabs especially when you got tele set in the G.E. I went to sleep and woke up to a character stuck in prefixing walk-path stuck in the bank. Now if that's not gonna make me suspicious, IDK what else is. I don't think I got my $9 worth. Refund please!
  8. hi! i'm a returning player. can I have a free trial pls. thanks! edit: nvm, decided to buy it. supporting u all the way bro
  9. Scripts are working fine for me atm. Try restarting osrs client and osbot client
  10. many ppl tried to stop the botting community, even some big names like SirPugger but they can't totally stop it. some people have advanced scripts that creates random names and finishes tut island lol. basically like going against a wave on the beach
  11. More on the personal side. Most use it for staking but some also use it as capital for botting or flipping.
  12. Perhaps the location matters. Also depends on your breaks and the script ran.
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