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  1. Scripts are working fine for me atm. Try restarting osrs client and osbot client
  2. many ppl tried to stop the botting community, even some big names like SirPugger but they can't totally stop it. some people have advanced scripts that creates random names and finishes tut island lol. basically like going against a wave on the beach
  3. More on the personal side. Most use it for staking but some also use it as capital for botting or flipping.
  4. Perhaps the location matters. Also depends on your breaks and the script ran.
  5. hey khal. can I try 48 hrs of your rc script? bought some of your scripts and curious to see how far I'll fare with rc. pretty please. thanks!
  6. Got stuck at putting ores in conveyor belt. stock of coals is 10k+ and had coal bag.
  7. trial pls. bought one of your scripts coz I tried out your tabmaking.
  8. Do you accept custom scripts? :)

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