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  1. Sorry you got banned! I highly recommend using mirror mode if you're trying to bot for stats, it will greatly reduce ban rates!
  2. It let's you start bots from a terminal window so you don't have to manually open a ton of OSBot clients. Usually used when you're starting up a lot of accounts at once. Skiller gave a great guide on it!
  3. You can still bot more accounts on your home IP after you get banned, same goes for proxies. I've been banned on my home IP, and my proxies quite a bit, still bot though.
  4. Sorry to hear you got banned. I highly recommend using mirror mode if you plan on botting any skills. Thanks for using Lunar F2P Miner!
  5. I can see that you're not VIP, so you don't have access to mirror mode. Stealth injection is great for farms, but not as much so for training stats on an account that you don't want to be banned on. I highly recommend buying VIP so you can use mirror mode, it will greatly reduce your bans.
  6. Welcome to OSBot!
  7. Welcome to OSBot!
  8. Welcome to OSBot! I wish you the best of luck in your goals! Keep us updated!
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