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  1. Yet another script from SkillerKidos! Awesome to see you pumping these out so fast!
  2. @MuffinsAre you ok? Got anything you've gotta talk about?
  3. Congrats on release! Looks great!
  4. Agreed with Space, but also don't use a VPN. Most VPN IPs will already be flagged and lead to faster bans. If you do use proxies, make sure you're getting them from a trusted source.
  5. If you're using stealth mode, OSBot does support using proxies without proxifier. On mirror mode, you'd need to inject to use a proxy without proxifier, which defeats the whole point of mirror mode.
  6. Thanks for using my script! It runs to the bank when you start the script to make sure that you're using the best pickaxe that you have, so that will be staying for the time being. I can fix it depositing all worn items though, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  7. You'd have to define the area. Explv's map makes it really easy to do that, I linked it in my previous reply.
  8. if (area.contains(myPosition()) { getWalking.webWalk(newArea); } area being the area that your character is currently in, newArea being the place you want your character to be. I reccomend using Explv's Map to make areas.
  9. Welcome to the world of scripting! You don't need permission to post in the unofficial scripts section, so you're good. 100% agree with what Khal said, work on doing only one action per loop, and the onStart stuff. Other than that, a winemaker is a great idea for a first script. Hope to see more from you soon! Good luck!
  10. It really varies from scripter to scripter. The type of scripts your write make a big difference, for example if you're making a bossing script, you'll probably make more than someone who made a firemaking script.
  11. Welcome to OSBot! My main advice would be to purchase VIP so you can use mirror mode, and do some experimenting with break times. We've got a lot of great scripters here making both free, and premium scripts! Good luck!
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