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  1. Press the refresh button on osbot after you rebuild it is all you have to do In the scripts tab to reload them
  2. yep ty lol and its been fixed working perfectly again!
  3. Can you join my discord and send me the logs please
  4. Hey! Do you have any previous work you could show? and whats your discord?
  5. Lmao thanks for the report I’ll fix this asap
  6. pushed fix for this Also make sure to join my discord!
  7. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/111003-basic-walking-webwalking-tutorial-a-simple-concept/
  8. ok I’ll check out what’s going on with that
  9. Ok I’ll look into it thank you for the report
  10. Those sound good Birdhouse accounts, blood rune alts, any acc used to farm with will sell or people use alts for as well
  11. Not really a quick way lol You need to use the market so buy/sell gold buy/sell accounts Make/Join an Account service ect.
  12. Pure and accounts like nmz ready or farm account like blast furnace birdhouse ready ect
  13. Check that all the files that it says are missing are actually pushed or updated onto git
  14. https://osbot.org/mvc/scripters/info That one?
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