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  1. Archhh

    Stealth Quester

    Bot appears to be getting stuck withdrawing items from bank https://i.imgur.com/iqAIjbU.png
  2. Archhh


    are you able to disable anti-pk? i often go here with a cc that protects me
  3. I'm assuming the script is broken because of the menu changes?
  4. The bot has been doing A LOT better going up and down the ladder without dying, however it still struggles to requip the trident when it gets in place to begin killing rex (Bot will just stand there with a shield and no trident until manually equipped) That being said, I'm at 400 kills no deaths on a new account but I MUST babysit the bot to equip trident or it will AFK at the rex spot
  5. Yes, only guthan's spear in camelot bank edit - working now, not sure what was going wrong.
  6. Getting this error in camelot bank when setting up inventory, it moves a few sharks around and stops
  7. Yeah, besides the ladder issue. The trident not equipping is pretty much the only other MAJOR obstacle that stops this bot from being fully automated. I find I have to watch it until I have reached those two steps. Otherwise I'll die at the ladder or stand at the Rex spot with only a shield equipped. and I know you said it only takes 5m gp, however the bot attempts to spend 5.3m on sara brews alone
  8. I'm using a regular trident and no, I didn't have any chats disabled. It just stood there. However, I have restocking disabled so i'm not sure if that would cause it? Regardless if re-stock is off, there should be a failsafe to teleport out when the trident is depleted. reason i keep restock off is because the bot attempts to buy items for literally double the price. For example, sara brew is like 5k and it will put in an offer at 10k per brew. I understand buying higher so the item will 100% buy but I'm not keeping THAT much GP on a bot to put in double the price offers haha
  9. I've been actively using the bot for around two weeks. some feedback I can provide. > I have successfully accomplished over 800 kills > I have had many extremely unnecessary deaths due to script malfunction > The bot doesn't have a failsafe if the trident runs out of charges, it just stands there and attempts to attack rex. > Ring of life really needs to be added. >The bot essentially needs to be babysat until actually in the cave in the "Rex" area, even then the bot often "forgets" to equip the trident and will stand there until you manually equip t
  10. Can ring of life support be added? I've died a few times randomly after many many successful kills
  11. Though i do like the idea of this bot, I'm running into a few issues > The bot often forgets to re-equip the trident after using guthan's spear after it has successfully entered the cave with Rex safe spotted and will begin kicking rex > Sometimes when attempting to setup inside the cave (going up and down the ladder) the bot will just sit there and get blasted by prime and supreme without moving.
  12. Archhh


    can i get a trial ?:)
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