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  1. uncledude00


    Gonna bot it or play legit?
  2. uncledude00


    Great how are you?
  3. lately for me, runelite is crashing even when im not using it to bot..
  4. yea buddy, LIDC is pretty good but doesnt perfectly sync all clients so you gotta do some micro management pretty often but for general moving around, navigating quest dialogue, anything where you arent moving around really its pretty good
  5. theres a chart for xp per gp used in construction, is there a similar chart for arrows used? like a rune arrow costs more than mith for example but since your max hit increases the cost per xp is similar
  6. any plans to add one small favor?
  7. sorry if this has been answered in here already but what is the minimum HP recommended? I know the mage hp def but no one ever seems to mention HP
  8. I buy membership codes from get taxed. 2 bucks for 16 days, 4 dollars for a month vs 11 paying jagex. Its a no brainer.
  9. Its pretty safe afaik, not sure about the non official scripts though.
  10. To avoid the trade restrictions, when membership runs out do the restrictions come back or is your account flagged as unrestricted forever?
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