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  1. Changing up what skills you bot, not going from tutorial island to playing 23 hours every day, i think its ok to play a lot but you gotta change up what you're doing if you decide to bot a lot. Also if your script messes up that will get you banned quick so vet the script first. Lastly I would say just be prepared to get banned, its going to happen sometimes so only bot accounts you don't care about.
  2. I can make some for you but it would take a couple days if you're not in a rush
  3. Im trying to do MM1 now but it refuses to use the tree teleport system and keeps trying to walk from the GE to the gnome stronghold and back the longest way possible...
  4. I buy all my codes from user "get taxed" on here 2 dollars for 16 days. I Haven't noticed any difference in ban rates between using codes and using bonds, only difference is his are cheaper. If you buy some from him tell him I sent you
  5. I don't think they are fishy, you can still use them and play legit. I don't think they would ban you based on your payment method as long as you aren't using stolen credit cards or something. For what its worth all of the codes Ive gotten from him work 100% of the time. If youre getting banned you're probably botting too much or not changing up your tasks enough.
  6. I buy them from a user on here called get taxed https://osbot.org/forum/profile/288812-get-taxed/ 2 dollars per code ( 1 code is 16 days membership). If you buy some from him tell him I sent you
  7. Thats exactly what I do. Make new accounts specifically for testing 1 script and if it gets 2 day then throw it away. I wouldn't bond though, buy membership codes. Its alot cheaper than bonding and you aren't supporting jagex. If you want to know where i get my codes let me know.
  8. I don't really use stealth but any time I hear someone talk about it its for suicide botting. I personally use mirror and if the script is actually decent and I don't bot hot spots then Im ok.
  9. Yea i gotta renew it, i think it ran out a day or two ago but i wanted to still load up the script to show everyone
  10. I like the first addition
  11. Yea i can turn it up. Is the volume pretty close or does it need to be turned up a lot?
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