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I’m just new to the forum.

The main reason I am here is to read up on Java and to pick up some helpful coding tips. I already have a lot of experience with Python and VBA, especially Python which I use for my study and work. I will not go into further detail what I am using python for, to prevent you from getting bored. I noticed that after 1 week of working with Java I am getting along very well. At the moment I have written 3 scripts that I am very satisfied with.

I’m curious about offering private scripts or creating private scrips on requests, what is needed for this, and how does it work?

Anyway, all tips are welcome from any category. After all, I want to learn more about Java in a fun and creative way.

Have a nice day and enjoy the game!


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1 hour ago, botelias said:

Private scripts on requests I'm pretty sure requires nothing, private scripts store requires Scripter 1. This is an application, and you need to have a script published on VIP+/Free

Thank you for the info!

1 hour ago, Kramnik said:

Welcome and goodluck with your scripting journey :) 


45 minutes ago, tilenpickule said:

Welcome! :D

Thanks both! 😃

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17 hours ago, shreder said:

Welcome, as mentioned you need to be a scripter at very minimum.


17 hours ago, ExtraBotz said:

Welcome to OSBot :)

To open a private script shop you need a scripter rank. There are currently 3 scripter tiers I, II, and III. Each rank has a test and Scripter I is the starting tier to apply for. You can apply by having a free/VIP script approved on the SDN.

Best of luck with your programming journey!

Thanks for the explanation! :) 

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10 hours ago, Cyber_Hawk said:


Welcome to the forum!

I'm learning to script/code bots too!
Maybe we can help each other?


Yes that seems like a good idea! If you ever have a question or anything don't hesitate to send me a message 😉 .

8 hours ago, Ace99 said:

Welcome and have fun

Thanks! :) 

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