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  1. Molten left Positive feedback   

    Sold me an osbot gift card for script quick and easy to talk to

    ExtraBotz was The Seller

  2. AlwaysBurse left Positive feedback   

    Made us a private script, offered us a great price and completed it very quickly! Will be back to order more private scripts in the future :)

    ExtraBotz was The Seller

  3. bamf skiller left Positive feedback   

    Bought a private script, it was quick, it was professional, i'm definitely coming back

    ExtraBotz was The Seller

  4. RuggedIV left Positive feedback   

    Purchased a private script from ExtraBotz. Quick, professional, and the script runs great. Highly Recommended for any of your private script needs.

    ExtraBotz was The Seller

  5. YoHoJo left Positive feedback   

    Bought 100M from him via BTC, smooth trade!

    ExtraBotz was The Seller

  6. Ryan Zielinski left Positive feedback   

    Made me a private script. Completed fast and the script works great. Thanks!

    ExtraBotz was The Seller

  7. Proton left Positive feedback   

    Sold us 100m 07 - Thanks for selling friend <3

    ExtraBotz was The Seller

  8. KamillaBogla left Positive feedback   

    Awesome costumer. Thanks :) Always a pleasure.

    ExtraBotz was The Buyer

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