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  1. Please comment what you reckon this account is worth (roughly). CB: 122.6 QP: 249 Handmade account - No Bans/Mutes. I am the original owner. Stats: Bank: BANK: 25M OSRS IN ITEMS (IMBUED RINGS ETC..) HAS FULL GRACEFUL, FULL PENANCE OUTFITS AND ITEMS - LEVEL 5 IN ALL ROLES AT B/A.
  2. Looking to sell some of my stock. Currently looking to sell 5B. Willing to sell 1B min. Looking to sell to trusted users only. Comment below & add my discord; Stuggles#5855
  3. I can get this done. Discord: Stuggles#5855
  4. Stats - Wealth - 1M Quests - 8QP. Starting Price: 30M 07 (12$) Auto-Win: N/A Method of Payment - 07 GP RSN - Please contact via Discord to find out details of the unique name Trading method - willing to go first to buyers i deem trusted. No Bans/Mutes ( Handmade CONTACT DISCORD: Stuggles#5855 or comment below! UID: 600781351628832781 ALSO HAS 8 DAYS MEMBERSHIP LEFT AS OF THE 18TH OF NOVEMBER 2020
  5. Would this acc interested at all? https://osbot.org/forum/topic/163149-great-starter-account-cheap-head-start-on-skills-handmade-grab-a-bargain/?tab=comments#comment-2184586
  6. Check this out, may be something your interested in? Nice starter stats, no bans/mutes, all handmade, no trade limit, has quests done.
  7. Still for sale! Grab this cheap! Has no trade limit, quests completed, all handmade. Good starter skills, save yourself a lot of time.
  8. What would you pay? A fair price for both of us? I'm off selling my old accounts
  9. Would u be interested? It is worth more than 3m, but still willing to sell cheap
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