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  1. I'd just do a simple; int visited = 0; (somewhere that doesn't loop) Then for the action: if(visited == 0){ //visit once visited = 1; }else{ //after first time, visit this way }
  2. Probably will require 2captcha or similar service. I've also had issues with Selenium getting flagged on certain sites, while some sites have no detection. Heard that obfuscating the .jar will lower chance of it getting flagged, not sure if that's true though.
  3. Bump! Now also got a WIP Merching script. Will take bidding on that one, as it will be sold in very few copies. Ready for delivery. Feat. automatic margin checking, buying, selling, saving of prices. Both automatic and manual running. Add discord botelias#2563 to inquire about merching script, or your own script requests!
  4. It does, try different bank settings if it's not working for you
  5. #Doubt Website and client running fine for me
  6. Add coins in the loot menu, just make sure to properly input exactly as they appear ingame Pretty sure you had a flagged IP? Is it a public proxy/vpn you are using? Those tend to get banned very quickly, sometimes even instantly after Tut-island. Don't think you got banned by level 11 at chickens by Jamflex detecting script.
  7. Welcome to my shop! I am now taking jobs for simple scripts. My target audience is the small-time botter looking to dip his/her toes into private scripts. I am offering cheap, simple, scripts. Read terms below before adding/posting: I only do simple scripts Muling can be added, but not default No/Low requirements, else you provide testing accounts 1 month maintenance included No scam/dicing bots Payment upfront, refund only if job can not be completed Preferred payment is 07gp, or BTC. Add my discord or post below for questions or service r
  8. Maxed melee achieved
  9. Yeah; botelias#2563
  10. I've been using it only in Stealth mode, but Mirror mode should work. Give it a try Yeah, got it running pretty slow. Quite a few checks on looting, safespot return, etc. If you disable those features, it should run quicker. Also got many random sleeps added, find that to have reduced ban rate for me before. Will probably add a "high performance" option later, done that to other scripts. Good for exp increase, but imo increases ban rate.
  11. For new/automatic updates: use the store version! Available for OSBOT VIP+ ONLY! Will update here, occasionally. VIP+ users get early access. Cheers
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