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  1. Malmo


    Hey dude, welcome!
  2. " We're also seeing concerns that generating wealth during this investigation will lead to a game-wide rollback. We have no plans to do this. " But good luck getting gold at that price tbh
  3. Happy new year to everyone, hopefully 2021 is way better then 2020
  4. Malmo

    Fighter Torso

    @Easy MoneyI recommend this guy, did 4 or 5 torsos for me
  5. Malmo


    Welcome back dude
  6. Allrighty, can u pm me ur discord?
  7. If ur going to sell it, im very interested. Let me know how much ur expecting to get for it
  8. Hey uhm, I didnt see any of ur thread selling gold, is it just private or? Lmk in private please.
  9. Looking to buy 3B OSRS GP via BTC. post offers & discord
  10. Easy & Medium - Ardougne 11M Easy & Medium - Desert 11M Easy & Medium - Falador 8M Easy & Medium - Fremennik 9M Easy & Medium - Kandarin 8M Easy & Medium - Karamja 12M Easy & Medium - Kourend 12M Easy & Medium - Draynor 8M Easy & Medium - Morytania 8M Easy & Medium - Varrock 8M Hard - Western 4m (Chompy birds - 45k each) Easy & Medium - Wilderness 8m So all together 107m or around $45 without chompy birds. Would be done in a day.
  11. Hey, guys decided to quit osrs, so im selling 7B osrs gp. Price : 0,43$/M. BTC only! leave ur discord here.
  12. I recommend u start checking some markets such as sythe, and also try to use ur brains when it comes to prices. (30m rn is 12$)
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