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Stuggles's Feedback

  1. Get Taxed left Positive feedback   

    Bought an account from Stuggles, nice guy, smooth transaction

    Stuggles was The Seller

  2. D9BLADEE left Positive feedback   

    Completed another service for me, thanks!

    Stuggles was The Seller

  3. D9BLADEE left Positive feedback   

    I went first for 20m trade, regular updates and quick. Thanks!

    Stuggles was The Seller

  4. lastxmas left Positive feedback   

    ++ good business

    Stuggles was The Buyer

  5. lastxmas left Positive feedback   

    Stugs paid me after I completed q order.

    Stuggles was The Buyer

  6. lastxmas left Positive feedback   

    did quest order, stug payed after, good communication

    Stuggles was The Buyer

  7. lastxmas left Positive feedback   

    Friendly guy, no bullsh1t, straightforward, nice to work with. big vouch

    Stuggles was The Buyer

  8. Spizz left Positive feedback   

    Purchased Fcape and a quest from my services, Thanks for using us! www.aioSpizz.com

    Stuggles was The Buyer

  9. Diann left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 20m osrs . Thanks

    Stuggles was The Buyer

  10. Joez left Positive feedback   

    Sold him an animated avatar, very nice guy to work with!

    Stuggles was The Buyer

  11. Smuggz left Positive feedback   

    Sold him OSRS Gold thanks for buying with me!

    Stuggles was The Buyer

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