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client - major issue


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hi so, when I run a script on osbot, or even without a script. If i'm not focusing the client (So if I don't left click the client and focus it) the client gets extreme low fps, like probably 5-10fps making the bot impaired and not work properly.

How do I fix this issue?

I have the latest osbot version

I don't have low cpu mode ticked

I'm using stealth mode.

Please help, this has always been an issue for me as a result I've not been using OSBOT

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Possibly allocate osbot more ram?

Although seeing as you're a gold seller, i assume you're gold farming? in which case I would assume you're not running locally and instead through a VPS? If so then it's probably not the client its self, but the connection through RDP and so therefore the rendering would appear as if the client has low fps.

However it could be a number of factors, but there's some potential reasons/solutions.

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Just now, pingygp said:

hey, I get this issue with 1 client running on my PC 

When I focus the osbot client, I get 50 fps. when I click away its 5-10fps, any idea what I can do? 

Seems strange that when you go out of focus from the client it reduces down to 5-10fps.. you would assume it would decrease when focused and increase when out of focus, but then you could have something that allocates less ram, gpu or cpu when a application is no longer in focus.

What's your computer specs?

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3 minutes ago, pingygp said:

seems to be osbot issue, since every other client doesn't have this issue only osbot.

any mod care to help please? or developer im sure im not the first to have this issue

As I said before, it's not a direct issue with OSBot, more likely it's something to do with the way that OSBot uses Java that is triggering your Operating System or graphics driver/graphics card to save resources when OSBot is in the background.

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