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[Dev Build] OSBot 2.5.39


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Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.5.39.jar

This dev build fixes the performance issues on mirror mode when interacting with entities.


- Entity#getArea() will now have the correct plane
- Added Worlds#isWorldAllowedForHop(World)
- Added World#isHighRisk()
- Added WebWalkEvent#getPathPreferenceProfile()

- Fixed item dropping on mirror mode sometimes failing and just using the items

- Fixed falador farm gate not working

- Minor bug fixes
- Mirror interaction performance is back to 2.5.35
- Fixed advertisement being in the wrong place on resizable


- The OSBot Team

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Any chance a few issues could be looked at for the next version (present in current stable build. All issues injection)? Primarily:


- Resizable equipping items (most common on tutorial island)

- Resizable trading items. 

- Completed quests registering as not complete

- Much higher CPU usage in resizable

- Using items on NPCs fail alot


Really appreciate all the great updates!

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