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  1. hi looking for range tank must have lunars done post ur info here or add me on discord klaid#0849 thanks can u add me on discord klaid#0849
  2. Does it support muling thx
  3. can u make it refill trident of the swamp thx right now it doesnt seem to withdraw zulrah scales but it does runes
  4. hi im intrested in training range is this possible to do with ur script - Cannoning dagannoth after completion of Horror from the Deep quest is a fast, but expensive method of training ranged. Using a blowpipe and mithril darts with the cannon, you can reach experience rates from 160k-175k per hour. World hopping may be needed due to other players doing slayer tasks. Protect from Melee with the blowpipe special attack limits the need for banking for food.
  5. been running 2 days on mirror mode first issue and occured 1 time is that inventory was full + bag it had 1 food left to eat if it wanted but it didnt so it was loop clicking on dragonhide to loot even though inventory was full, log didnt show anything about this issue just what world is it was gonna hop - can there maybe be some sort of anti looping be done when it gets killed by dragon can it pick up items from grave ty so far it only has died to dragon when its going to get the loot but in the same time it logs out to avoid pker then it hops to another world and new dragon can one
  6. hi i used to have command saved by inserting number of how many clients i wanted then it opened them all without any issues, does anyone happen to know what this command was thanks
  7. i have quick pray enabled it was working fine just before the update
  8. wont use paint and no pray other than that it seems to work way better without paint - fps is maxed out with paint its lagging alot maybe have option to turn on/off paint seems to get stuck on the boat need to manually move outside it to attack monsters https://imgur.com/a/ezG6yeO
  9. does it change hairstyle since most of the accounts seem to be bald
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