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  1. message me here or on discord klaid#0849
  2. hi is it possible to access osbot account list for example i want to copy and paste list of accounts instead of adding accounts 1by1 osbot client thx
  3. hi does it support muling
  4. buying tutorial done accounts ( logging in via estonia ip) aslong as accounts dont get locked im intrested discord klaid#0849
  5. pm here or discord klaid#0849
  6. hi im intrested in tutorial done accounts u can pm here or discord klaid#0849
  7. looking to sell 1 bil please write ur offer or dm on discord klaid#0849 will go first only people with high rep bitcoin only
  8. i had same issue, i did as the guide says uninstall older version and installed with new launcher now works fine no crash try this it worked for me ff RuneLite client keeps closing when attaching: Make sure you have latest RuneLite launcher installed (uninstall the old one and then install latest one)
  9. hi how much would be account with hunting 99 and nothing else lvled thanks
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