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progamerz's Feedback

  1. RayCee left Positive feedback   

    bought store credits, vouch

    progamerz was The Seller

  2. bamf skiller left Positive feedback   

    Bought a script, he was very quick and professional, definitely would recommend

    progamerz was The Seller

  3. sheeper22 left Positive feedback   

    Sold him some graphics. Good guy to work with. Thanks

    progamerz was The Buyer

  4. prit97 left Positive feedback   

    Great scripter

    progamerz was The Seller

  5. lo64 left Positive feedback   

    Wrote a private script for me, highly recommend

    progamerz was The Seller

  6. kushlorddurk left Positive feedback   

    Had him make me a private script. He was super nice and helpful and did everything super quick. He also took time to always answer questions and fix things until we got it perfect. Thank you!

    progamerz was The Seller

  7. Easy Money left Positive feedback   

    Did a few quest for him on a lvl 3 easy to communicate with :)

    progamerz was The Buyer

  8. sheeper22 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    was an extremely smooth process. easy to work with and i can guarantee working with him in the future will only be better. Thanks man

    progamerz was The Buyer

  9. ivanos left Positive feedback for a topic   


    progamerz was The Seller

  10. RSGM Sales left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for trading with us :).

    progamerz was The Seller

  11. Keyster99 left Positive feedback   

    Buy an automatic mule system and it's perfect! 100% recommended very fast

    progamerz was The Seller

  12. Luckygold left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 280m 07 tyvm

    progamerz was The Seller

  13. So Solid left Positive feedback   

    made me a pretty complex private script. thanks

    progamerz was The Seller

  14. Skinkelynet left Positive feedback   

    Awesome dude. Made me another script fast and delivered amazing results

    progamerz was The Seller

  15. Skinkelynet left Positive feedback   

    Awesome dude. made me a privat script real fast. 10/10

    progamerz was The Seller

  16. BigRed left Positive feedback   

    made me a private script! great guy and fast

    progamerz was The Seller

  17. noobacc23 left Positive feedback   

    Made me another great private script. Hes a scripter you can trust!

    progamerz was The Seller

  18. charlie101 left Positive feedback   

    Abserloute wizard scripter at a competitive price. The guy was in the middle of revising for his finals when i messaged him and he still got the job done quickly and professionally. Would highly recommend him and his services to anybody and i will 100% be using him again in the future :d

    progamerz was The Seller

  19. Retweets left Positive feedback   

    Made me a private script. He's very chill to work with, was able to completely customize it to my needs +1!

    progamerz was The Seller

  20. TutIslander left Positive feedback   

    Sold him some accounts. Enjoy.

    progamerz was The Seller

  21. noobacc23 left Positive feedback   

    made me a great priv script!

    progamerz was The Seller

  22. osbot account left Positive feedback   

    Made me a custom private script, Very fast and great script, Went above and beyond to satisfy all my requirements and make sure i'm happy with the script. Highly recommend A+++

    progamerz was The Seller

  23. Gleets left Positive feedback   

    bought 120m 07,Great guy!

    progamerz was The Seller

  24. Caesar left Positive feedback   

    Made a private script for me for a great price, really good to communicate with what you want. Ty! <3

    progamerz was The Seller

  25. Daniel Halevy left Positive feedback   

    Nice and professional, couldnt ask for more.

    progamerz was The Seller

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