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i like the idea osrs needs change, its been the same for too long for the people who are scared of change but what about the players after that- the new players you think it will be good for them? surely  this new skill as well as maybe dungeoneering would be good for them


Personally i dont like it but its not what about i want its about the games future and i think new-well thought skills will be good for the games future.

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On 12/6/2018 at 11:19 AM, SpritexCodeine said:

not sure why we need a new skill with all these new boss's and area's being released every other month

Some ppl like skilling instead of PvM

I personally like the idea, its something I thought of years ago before the EOC. Just seems like a well fit skill that should be added.

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Don't like it.
It's a cool idea I suppose and I can see how the rationale behind it can be ratified as a skill in the way it is moulded to accommodate the existing skills etc. 
However, I simply don't like it. Paradoxically due to the very logical layout of it, inducing a sense of copy-paste from the existing skills(crafting, smithing).

I guess its strength is its weakness.

Which is why I would much rather see summoning or dungeoneering being "re"-introduced. Almost ironically those two being copy-pasted from the original RuneScape. 
Despite the copy-paste fact they introduced something new and creative in an excellent fashion in my opinion. 
I am more inclined to favour dungeoneering over summoning though, as I almost have to agree that summoning while being a great skill just felt a bit too overpowered at times.

Dungeoneering on the other hand, good God what an amazing skill if you ask me. I am 100% biased as I am just in love with the skill. Many do view it as a minigame and I could agree.
In fact I even log in sometimes from OSRS to RS3 just to do some dungeoneering because I enjoy it so much(even after having gained over 600M XP in it!!!).

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