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  1. Jagex put new requirements on LMS... 750 total level, 30 quest points and I think that's on top of the 48 hour P2P online time that was required previously. It's only been a day or so but I'm wondering if anyone sells LMS ready accounts, and where in that case. Even though the requirements aren't that high I'd rather just buy accounts than have to make them. Not looking for 3-5 accounts but a bit more scaled up. I looked into hiring one of those service discords to supply me in bulk but they are out of their mind charging people insane rates etc... Guessing there isn't a real market for it right now so might be asking too soon. Lame
  2. Huh, really? I've only ever seen them on PvP worlds.
  3. Yeah, level 3 bots. They stand in banks across every region and spam couple lines like "don't trade it's a lure, guy in discord is a scammer block and logout" or something along those lines. Spam a couple lines, hop to next PvP world and keep rotating worlds spamming.
  4. Does anyone know who is running the pvp world bots that hop in safe areas and spam couple lines then hop to the next world
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