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@Ironmen accounts.

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1 hour ago, d23p said:

I do agree but w/e

We need to start a petition to ban services on ironmen accounts. Anyone who requests it gets a warning and repeated attempts warrants a ban. Same goes to those completing the service. 

We have to keep the integrity of OSRS ironmen. 

1 hour ago, B3NJ said:

yeeee but busy irl........ ya feel me brudda

No excuse. 

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15 minutes ago, Slut said:

I like the concept of ironmen, but certain skills such as agility make me want to spoon my eyes out, iroman or not. 

Of course you’d say that because you’re a slut. 


6 minutes ago, FishGang said:

Sometimes people get lazy

Then don’t be an Ironman. 

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