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  1. What should be my break settings be at? I Know they should be on, but what timers? Also varrock tele tab to spirit tree would be nice. Ring of wealth necessity is meh.
  2. Thanks for your constant work
  3. I did not, no. I'm assuming I should have then. Oops. No gear preset.
  4. Doesn't put ghostspeak ammy on when doing nature spirit. Spams dialogue with the guy in the swamp for 20+ mins while I made lunch unfortunately. Last bit of the log is from me trying to restart the script, ignore that I guess.
  5. 2 days if you are a member (can be from a bond bought with GP) and some account age. Other guy is mostly right when he said legit play, but if you just let the account sit for a couple months it'll still be a 2 day as well.
  6. ~10m a month just to sustain my main and skiller
  7. This script really needs to be updated. Like all the other comments indicate, the activity is pretty bad and the ban rate is astronomical. I have better luck with level 3s using free agility scripts that with this on rested accounts. For $7.99, it's unacceptable.
  8. Nah, stealth injection, no CPU or RAM restrictions at all.
  9. Worked fine resetting for 30 minutes, then stopped resetting aggro against the swamp crabs and repeatedly clicking on two tiles apart over and over again until I stopped the script. Odd. Swamp crabs location A. No info from logger, only the "[INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:50:55 PM]: waking up new crab [INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:51:06 PM]: waking up new crab [INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:51:18 PM]: waking up new crab [INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:51:35 PM]: waking up new crab"
  10. Can I have a trial please? I already have scripts for all the crabs but I really wanna see how this handles swamp crabs. Thx
  11. @Czar's Perfect Fighter, @Apaec's AIO Cooker have both had insanely low ban rates. Never been banned with the latter, the former sometimes has to be watched (as all combat scripts do).
  12. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Also, did you have a bank PIN?
  13. I hope this is satire and no one on this site is actually that unbelievably fucking retarded.
  14. Barb training fishing (using another bot site's script)
  15. Who else got hit? Rip 1500 total botted only (besides quests) main.
  16. The more boss scripts the better. I have the right stats but no ancients spellbook unfortunately to test.
  17. LOL I accidentally left it running and it got me 6 dragon defenders. I died and lost like 3m in gear tho rip. Great script, that was my fault for falling asleep with not enough food in the bank. Maybe make it log out if it runs out of bank food?
  18. Could you please add the feature for the mouse to leave the screen when enchanting jewelry for a more afk appearance? The only reason I ask is because the mouse ALWAYS rest right on the inventory tab button in the same exact spot.
  19. Yeah I guess my thing is I like to play Smite while I bot in the background, etc.
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