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  1. skype is zakplesk


    1. FishGang


      still waiting :/


  2. Ayy man if you are still interested in the nearly maxed pure just toss me a forums message so I can send you my skype/discord :/


  3. FishGang

    SOLD :)

    Message me your discord / skype? I can't message you mine
  4. any update? IMO it seems like it's a fresh/alt account, has no posts/history on his profile
  5. Disputed Member: roboslobro Why it should be removed: no idea who he is, never did any trades/deals with him... have never even seen the person before Details: confused Link to topic: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/301457-roboslobro/ that's his profile Roboslobro left Negative feedback Yesterday at 03:00 AM Very fishy n untrustworthy FishGang was The Seller
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