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soulja boy

how to check someone code?

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1 minute ago, soulja boy said:

hey there

first I have no idea where to post this so

let say I have someone's script in jar but I don't trust him or i want to check his code so I can learn about scripting.

how can I do this?

i read something about eclipse but didnt manage it


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You can decompile the jar, which doesn't perfectly re-create the code as compiling isn't a fully reversible process. However, some scripters like to protect their work by obfuscating the code (mixing up the layout, scrambling variable names, re-organising whitespace, all without changing the logic of the code), so watch out for this. If you run into obfuscated code, it's up to you to make a decision about whether you trust it, but if it's someone new or little known, i'd most likely avoid running that script. That being said, you can still elicit some information from obfuscated code.


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