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  1. OSRS Butlers left Positive feedback   

    Did quests for him a++++

    blogans was The Buyer

  2. Tony left Positive feedback   

    Ordered some smithing powerlevelling with some quests - a very nice guy! Would recommend working with him!

    blogans was The Buyer

  3. OSRS Butlers left Positive feedback   

    X1 Custom Account Delivered <3 3 DAYS Before Expected ETA! Thanks for choosing us brother <3

    blogans was The Buyer

  4. OSRS Butlers left Positive feedback   

    Got him Salve (ei) from Scratch! Included Quests , Leveling and NMZ Grind! Paid well, very nice man!

    blogans was The Buyer

  5. kingdarius91 left Positive feedback   

    did many quests for them, paid well thanks

    blogans was The Buyer

  6. Alvin left Positive feedback   

    Bought an account off me, I went first and he followed quickly. Quick and easy.

    blogans was The Buyer

  7. NyxUlric left Positive feedback   

    The 1+ service was first great guy

    blogans was The Seller

  8. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    Did several quests for him . Easy and fast . Thanks fam !

    blogans was The Buyer

  9. Rage Blend left Positive feedback   

    Did Mage Arena 2 for him he went first, nice dude

    blogans was The Seller

  10. ExitPoint left Positive feedback   

    Did some training and quests for him good guy !

    blogans was The Buyer

  11. SedateM3 left Positive feedback   

    Did a quest for him, good communication, fast payment!

    blogans was The Buyer

  12. b0tscape left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment. Good communication. A few hiccups with the low HP but easily solved. Happy to work for again!

    blogans was The Buyer

  13. Greengo left Positive feedback   

    leveled his account, great guy! willing to work with you <# thanks alot

    blogans was The Seller

  14. Mac left Positive feedback   

    Did a few quests for him, easy to work with good guy!

    blogans was The Buyer

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